Heartbreaks Have Led To The Best Body Transformations! Here’s Proof

Heartbreaks Have Led To The Best Body Transformations! Here’s Proof

They say food is the most abused anxiety drug, and exercise, the most underutilized antidepressant! These days, more and more people seem to be advocating the same and choosing to hit the gym and pump some iron, since it’s supposedly, really, the best stress buster. 

Though it may sound borderline comical, the fact that many a broken heart has led to a fabulous body transformation is true. 

1. Setting a goal and smashing it will give you a sense of achievement 

Like Sylvester mentioned above, it’s all about finding purpose and staying motivated about something. When you workout and have a goal, you charge towards it with a vengeance. Once you achieve it, you feel a sense of great pride and success, which can fuel you to keep going and doing better. Even if you don’t achieve your set targets, the fact that there’s something to work towards, is reason enough for you to keep trying.

2. It’s a great way to meet new people 

After a rough breakup, many people aren’t likely to step out and mingle with new people. However, being social around this time is not as bad as it seems; in fact, it may be beneficial. When you join a gym, you’re bound to meet new folks and strike friendships which can be really uplifting. 

3. It’s the ‘me time’ you need and deserve 

Everyone needs some time dedicated only and only to themselves. The time you spend in the gym, your focus is on yourself and what you’re doing there, which is a great way to cut off from all the negativity and distractions that go on outside that space. 

4. It can help you release anger 

When you exercise, it helps shift your focus to the physical aspect and burns off excess energy. Research has supported the idea of exercising to reduce anger as well as stress. In turn, this obviously helps you have sounder sleep, besides tiring you out (in a good way), of course! 

5. You will look and feel great! 

The concept of “revenge bodies” is problematic on many levels, but if you manage to achieve a fitter, healthier body and state of mind by working out, without any agenda, there’s absolutely no harm! Besides, when you run into that ex, the “Woah, you’ve changed!” look is truly priceless.

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