Things Indian Men Should Learn from Arvind Kejriwal

Things Indian Men Should Learn from Arvind Kejriwal

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has shown many positive shades and optimistic face of Indian men with his decent acts that make him ideal for the women of India.

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Arvind Kejriwal in public

The popularity of Arvind Kejriwal, also known as the muffler man, took the storm on February 10, 2015 when the history was created in Delhi. The massive defeat of two major parties, BJP and Congress, made Arvind Kejriwal the most well-liked person among the people of Delhi. The Aam Aadmi Party of Kejriwal took Delhi by storm amid the disharmony and displeasure among voters in relevance to the failed promises of the Government. Undoubtedly, Arvind Kejriwal came out as a torch bearer for aam aadmi with a new revolution and new hopes for the progress of Delhi. Besides his political views and ideas, there are many other things that Indian men should learn from Arvind Kejriwal.

Public Acknowledgement of Better Half

Public acknowledgement is what every wife wants to receive from her husband. However, most of the Indian men don’t believe in doing so. The revolution maker Arvind Kejriwal surely won the hearts and votes of many Indian women on February 10, 2015, when he publicly shared his victory with his beloved wife Sunita. As his victory was announced, his first pictures were that of happily hugging his wife. Also, his first tweeted picture after the elections was one with her wife, where he also showed gratitude towards her wife for having stood by him all these years. His act of publicly acknowledging his wife is really heart-touching, as we have hardly seen any Indian politician doing so. Showing appreciation towards wife is a simple and impulsive act, which indicates a tough moral fiber and decency at the same time.  

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Arvind Kejriwal in awam

Accepting the Power and Liberty of Women

Besides showing affection, women also want freedom to pursue in their desired profession. In spite of all the progress and development of our country, still Indian men think narrowly about working women. However, Arvind Kejriwal has proved that your wife deserves much more than you think. After winning he dragged his wife to balcony for jointly addressing the cheering crowd.

He wrapped her shoulders with his arm and told the crowd, “This is my wife. I have dragged her here today. I told her the government will not take any action… I would not have been able to achieve anything without her. I can do nothing alone, I am a small man.”

By this statement he referred towards the successful career of Sunita Kejriwal as an Indian Revenue Service officer. Arvind Kejriwal truly admires his wife for not being a weepy, sacrificial Indian woman that most of Indian politicians love to play up. He respects his wife as a strong independent woman and accepts her efforts as the force behind his tough times.

Accept your mistakes

Arvind Kejriwal Pics

This is by far the most difficult thing that every Indian man should learn from Arvind Kejriwal to have healthy relationships. We have seen that Mr. Kejriwal is never ashamed of accepting his flaws and mistakes and that quality has turned out as the primary reason for his epic success. In all his public meetings and press conferences, Mr. Kejriwal has openly discussed and accepted his bad decisions with audience at large, which has somehow helped him in establishing his trust among the common men.

Taking Risks to achieve the goals

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Arvind Kejriwal has set a perfect example for Indian men to take dare to follow their dreams and achieve the impossible goals. Amid busy and hectic lives, most of us have somehow left to follow our dreams and have become a part of the race of earning bread and butter. In spite of being a common man, Mr. Kejriwal took a risk to stand up against the powerful political parties like the BJP and the Congress and follow his own ideology of leading people. He put forward his opinions and ideas in front of the Indian people in his own way without being feared of getting failed. Indian men must learn from him that if a person decides to achieve something and remains adamant he is bound to succeed.


Indian men should learn from Arvind Kejriwal about how to value your marital and other relationships and how to win your dreams by taking risks and proceed fearless.

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