Can Men and Women be true Friends Forever?

Can Men and Women be true Friends Forever?

Men and Women be True Friends ForeverThe idea behind every relationship is that the two people put in effort to maintain the true essence of the relationship.

Along with this thought the most important is to get used to the limitations involved in the bond of the relationship; this will make every relationship beautiful.

Human beings are social animals and throughout our life we coming across people who we build a relationship with. There is a variety of relationships which starts from the family and then extends to friends. When we focus of the relationship of friends we see that there are different types and levels of friendships. Some of the friends are just acquaintances and others share a bond with you which are like the bond of family.

As we grow up we realize that there is a variety of relationships along with the variety of the several different kinds of people. If we specifically focus on the friendship between a man and a woman then we should try to scrutinize it to find out whether a man and a woman can be true friends or not. You must have heard by most of the people that men are better friends than women the reason can be that women are emotionally weak and they tend to make huge mistakes in relationships due to the over whelming emotions.

Men and women have different instincts; all human beings are similar yet very different at the same time. A woman may not have any kind of misconception about being a friend of a man but the man might fall for the girl at some point in time.

A girl who shares every emotion with a man has the tendency to get attached to the man and this is how the relationship of friendship changes to something more intimate. The only cases which prove that men and women can be true friends forever is where the man draws a fine line between love and friendship and doesn’t cross this line every. This kind of relationship that involves limitations keeps the man alert on how he should treat the woman. Woman is emotional beings they would always have a soft corner for their male friends and the care and affection they show for this reason might give the boy false hope.

Woman always want a man who is a true friend forever to be a part of their life and this results in marriage of the friends. So every man and woman should draw the fine line between the love and friends relationship. Handling and balancing the true essence of a relationship is always easy and once you are friends you have to mix the essence of a bit of every relationship and perform your best. When a man is friends  with a woman; he has to be everything that the woman’s life doesn’t have and on the other hand woman have to do the same for the man and while they do this they transform the relationship from friendship to an intimate relationship.

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