8 Kinds of Men, Women Want to Have Nothing to Do With

8 Kinds of Men, Women Want to Have Nothing to Do With

We women might be confused when it comes to picking the perfect pair of shoes, because all shoes are perfect P but when we are very much sure of what kind of men we want in our lives or don’t want. Here is a list of 8 kinds of men we surely don’t want in our lives no matter what. So men, if you are in this category, time for a change.

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Dominating relationship

If you are the dominating kind and want to rule the woman in your life, then its time you re-evaluate yourself.  We women are independent and don’t need you to provide for us, so why dominate us and why even expect us to follow.

Angry young man: 

Angry young man Relationship

An angry young man might look sexy on screen, but in real life, anger issues will get you nowhere.  Leave the anger behind and have a smile on your face.

Sexing it up: 

Sexing it up Relationship

Studies say that men think of sex every nine seconds.  Are you one of those men who can only think of sex?  We women want romance, love, and pampering and then we think of sex.


Chauvinism Relationship

Too much of anything is very bad.  You are welcome to be macho now and then, but if you are one of those stubbornly chauvinistic types, then we are running for the hills.

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Slanging it:

Slanging it Relationship

Use a cuss word and we are out of the door, guys.  We don’t want men using abuse words or over doing it. Once in a while is fine, we don’t want a saint, but if five words out of your ten-word-sentence are abuse words, then goodbye.


Over-eager Relationship

The clingy, needy man who is eager to please all the time and even willing to carry our shoes for us; Well nobody wants someone like that. We like being equals to our men, not dominating over them.


Anti-feminist Relationship

If you have been sleeping in a cave and don’t know the fact that we women have come way far ahead in every field there is and are working with men shoulder to shoulder and believe that women belong in the kitchen, cooking, then toodles!

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Self righteous:

Self righteous Relationship

You are the kind who doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, doesn’t believe in surprises and is preachy. Well you are nothing short of a yawn alert.  We like a little thrill, gentlemen. -idiva

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