7 New Relationship Practices That You Need To Incorporate In 2017

7 New Relationship Practices That You Need To Incorporate In 2017

December is here, and the official season for making New Year resolutions is upon us. Whether or not you managed to stick to your resolutions for 2016, we urge you to use the coming year to give your relationship a makeover. Add these seven new, positive elements to make 2017 a happy year for you as a couple.

7 New Relationship Practices That You Need To Incorporate In 2017

1. Go easy on the fights

While it’s great to agree on most things in life, there will be some issues that will never let you see eye to eye. Let those arguments go, lose that fight rather than always trying to be in the right.

2. White lies

Sometimes, between truth and kindness, you’ll have to make a choice and go for the latter. Kind/white lies, that won’t hurt anyone, are better than the bitter truth.

3. Have relationships with others

Don’t put your friends and family in the back burner to make your relationship work. It needs to work along with everything else, so make sure you give every relationship in your life adequate importance.

4. Try being alone

While the couple equation is great, make sure you are spending time apart from each other, doing what you love.

5. Give the gadgets a break

Post 10 PM keep your phone away, log out of the laptop, and just chill. Sounds like a plan?

6. Be generous with compliments

Compliments are the first things that disappear from a long-term relationship. Make sure you put in a good word, every now and then, to make your partner feel special.

7. Don’t tit for tat

How much you want to, don’t go for the ‘tit for tat’ policy in your relationship. Let go of grudges, forgive easily, and forget some arguments.

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