Marriage Proposal Ideas at Valentine’s Day

Marriage Proposal Ideas at Valentine’s Day

When it comes to celebrating love, there is no other occasion better than Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is already known as the day of love, and it is surely the right time for giving marriage proposal to your loved ones. On this romantic day, if you are planning to propose your special one, following are the wonderful marriage proposal ideas in accordance with the celebration of Valentine’s Day.Proposal Ideas Say it in Crowd

Popping up the question in front of the crowd at Valentine’s Day is an amazing idea. Believe it or not, but girls loved to feel special in front of the people. If you are sure that your loved ones is going to say YES, you should better plan out for a outside activity. Call to theatre or cinema in advance to know if they can allow you some time on stage or screen to propose your sweetie. Buy tickets in advance, as Valentine’s evening will surely be the busy one.

Be Sweet with Candies

Candies and chocolates are an essential part of Valentine’s Day and should never be missed when you are giving marriage proposal One of the wonderful ways to pop up the question is to buy a heart-shaped box of chocolates and replace one of them with a lovely engagement ring. Your loved ones would never be expecting a ring in a box of chocolate and will really get a wonderful surprise. To make it more special, you can buy a bag that says “MARRY ME” and place the box of chocolate in that bag.

Go on a Long Walk or Long Drive

Find a nice romantic spot nearby and go on a walk with your special ones on Valentine’s evening. During the drive or walk, talk sweet things about your relationship and bond of love with her. Bring her to the special spot and then get down on one knee and officially propose her by saying “Will you marry me?”

Plan Out a Special Evening

Whether it is Valentine’s Day or some other good day, restaurants are considered as one of the best places for marriage proposals. To make your proposal and Valentine’s Day special for your lady love, you can plan out and arrange a wonderful dinner at one of your favorite restaurants. Try to search for the best possible option with lovable ambiance, nice gentry and top service, so that nothing could be able to ruin your perfect plans. Restaurants are surely a wonderful place to plan your special day, as you can set up the arrangements and make things perfect with the help of staff and restaurants’ service.

Try to book a special and private corner place of the restaurant beforehand, or select the place where you two usually prefer to sit. While making reservations, share your marriage proposal idea with the restaurant team so that they can make sure that everything go right at time. You can ask them to arrange for a magical ambiance with a romantic music. Moreover, you can ask them for their ideas, as they are experts in doing nicest things in easiest ways. For example; to make your proposal special you can ask the restaurant staff to write MARRY ME on the dessert plate.

Say it with Flowers

Valentine’s Day is simply incomplete without the lovely fragrant red roses. Nothing can express love and affection better than a wonderful bouquet of flowers. You can offer marriage proposal to your loved ones with a lovable bouquet of flowers especially arranged with red and white roses. If you are one of those who want to go straight and simple for marriage proposal, order the nicest flowers that are wonderfully arranged in style and pick up a Valentine Card to say what you feel about her, finishing up with MARRY ME.

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