How to Improve Your Marriage Life

How to Improve Your Marriage Life

Getting married is something that we all fantasize about and eventually end up doing when we feel we are with the right person. However maintaining a marriage is where the effort kicks in and that is not as easy as falling in love was in the first place.
Your Marriage LifeThe rate of divorce has tremendously increased because many people don’t make the much needed effort to run the relation steady or both the parties are either too stubborn to change their ways of doing things to make things better.
Despite the various ways to Improve Marriage, here is a list of things that is centered on major red flag issues that are a deal breaker.

  • Lack of Respect for one Another
  • Lack of Time with Each Other
  • Lack of Sexual Desire for one Another
  • Lack of Sharing Responsibilities
  • Lack of Having Agreed upon Financial Goals

1. Don’t Take Each Other for Granted: Since we all have a certain degree of self respect for ourselves. We expect our significant other to value that even more than us. Therefore the core essence of maintaining any relation is not to take each other for granted. Not taking your spouse for granted means going beyond the expectations of remembering birthdays and anniversaries. Being aligned towards how his mind works and how he functions according to that. You listen without interruption and show him how much you care and love him.Sex Life2. Work Together on a Better Sex Life: People often marry with rose colored glasses that soon turn blind. An element to keep the spark alive should always be there. Remind yourself of the first few days of knowing each other where the first twinges of lust you had for each other. Leave love notes for each other. Flirt around with each other. These little things they matter a lot and help you maintain the marriage in the long run. It keeps the spark element alive which is fundamental. Showing your spouse how much you love always leads to a fulfilling sex life.

3. Sharing of Responsibilities: Clutter around the house is disturbing for the mind and hence the disagreement enlightens on little things. Makes sure your responsibilities for managing the house are discussed well and both of you work together towards maintaining the house well.

4. Encourage Your Spouse: One has many demand s while once in marriage because daily issues somehow make romance take a back seat. The maximum pressure of making a family work lies on the shoulders on men and somehow they are always stressed about it. The next time your spouse comes, ask him how his day was. Ask him about what is troubling him at work and how he can do better. Encourage him.

games couples can play together5. Play Games Together: It’s not just love that helps making a marriage work. Make sure you both have your fun moments together. Grab pop corns and sit together on a board game. Enjoy the moment. Having a fun filled relationship is always healthy.

Wake up Early Together6. Wake up Early Together: Just getting up early in the morning to spend those extra ten minutes before heading to work can help you improve your relation a lot more. In those extra ten minutes share a cup of coffee together or read out news to each other .Communicate. This is the core of any relation. These are a few tips on improving your marriage that can help you understand and bring changes in your current marriage. Remember what messes up the most in our life is how its suppose to be when in reality our prince charming doesn’t exist at all. The sooner you accept this and work on what you have, the sooner you realize what happiness is all about.

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