How to Find Happiness in Marriage

How to Find Happiness in Marriage

Happiness in MarriageIt is the little things that you do every day that leads to a happy marriage. Invest time into building a strong relationship with these little facts and soon you will have a positively growing happy relationship.

In the hustle bustle of today, we see unhappy couples all around us. There are some couples fighting over finances while the others are accusing each other of infidelity; there are some troubled by family politics while others are seen complaining of lack of fun in life. All this makes us wonder whether true happiness in marriage actually exists?

The truth is that happy marriage is not a rocket science, and it doesn’t need miracles to happen. It is just the little things we do every day that count towards making you an enviable couple. You do not have to be lingering out in the parks arm-in-arm to show that you have a happy marriage, it is everyday contentment in a relationship that matters!

Although what we are saying here is not a secret recipe to happy marriage but try to incorporate these little things in your routine and get more chances of a happily ever after:


Over and above everything, it is the friendship between the couples that is going to last. Where love may fizzle out and trust may flicker, friendship lasts! Try to treat each other like best friends and you will see the happiness in marriage that you dreamed of.

Fight fair

If you have ever heard of a couple who never fought, probably they are boosting it around. The truth is that even in happy marriage the magnitude, cause and severity of the issues may vary, but we all fight. Try to fight fair and get over with it. Talk to each other like friends and resolve the issue by sharing.

Trust unconditionally

Most of us have been hurt in relationships and now we find it difficult to muster up courage and trust unconditionally again, but admit it, as long as you cannot trust your better half, there will always be something or the other that pops up to destroy a well-built relationship and devastating the happy marriage.


Share just like friends for a happy marriage! While some wise people suggest that spilling all your beans might not be a good option, it is always wisest to talk to your spouse. Talk about your problems and fears; share your secrets and embarrassments; reveal the fun and flare!

Show empathy

Do not be too judgmental! Try to put yourself in your spouse’s situation and then consider why they did so and so. Do not be too harsh while judging them for happiness in marriage.


Learn to let go off a few things. You should not cling onto every mistake of your other half, if you want a happy marriage. Forgive their follies and even intentional mistakes too, because at the end of the day there will be things that you want to be forgiven for.

Give some space

Learn to accept the differences of each other and give a little space to pursue the interests and goals that are different from each other. Be generous to allow each other to do what they like in their individual time even if you find it a little repulsive. Who said that for happiness in marriage, you have to do everything together?

Learn to say no

If there is something that is seriously jeopardizing the happiness in marriage, learn to muster up a little courage and say no! You do have to be rude or fight over it – politely give the reason as to why you do not think the particular thing appropriate and convey your disagreement strategically.

Learn together

Whether it is a dance class or a skiing course, find a common area of interest and something that you both want to learn. This infuses a spirit of learning and bonds you two in strange ways, leading to a happy marriage. These are not set rules that should be followed under all circumstances for a happy marriage. Find out what works for you, and give each other a little time if something fails to try out something new!

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