10 Biggest Mistakes Women Make in a Marriage

10 Biggest Mistakes Women Make in a Marriage

From learning to live with a new human being to adjusting to a whole new family, compromises and adjustments are the name of the game. The unfortunate part is that more often than not everyone tends to blame the women when things go wrong.

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Not knowing their value:

Not knowing their value

One of the biggest mistakes women make is underplaying their own strengths in a marriage.

Giving too much:

Giving too much

Marriage is a give-and-take affair. If you find yourself at the giving end and don’t see any efforts from his side then you are definitely at fault.

Relying on another person for your happiness:

Relying on another person for your happiness

While it’s great to have a partner who knows exactly what makes you happy, relying on your man to dictate your happiness will never work out well.

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Depending too much:

Depending too much

Whether you are a working woman or a stay-at-home wife, being emotionally independent will always give you an edge in the relationship.

Over thinking: 

Over thinking

There are some things that are just not meant to be. So stop over analysing and just let certain things go.

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Feeling too guilty:

Feeling too guilty

Give the overactive guilt hormones a rest and stop feeling guilty about everything. The constant guilt causes you unwanted stress and relationship troubles.

Not giving enough space:

Not giving enough space

While it’s great to do things in twos, don’t give up on your and his personal space.

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Going by the popular definition of happy:

 definition of happy

Each couple has their own way of working things out. So don’t go chasing those popular relationship goals, making yourself unhappy in the process.

Not having a life:

Not having a life

Women tend to dedicate too much to the relationship, in the process giving up on their own dreams and goals.

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Not trusting enough:

Not trusting enough

Unless you have this factor in place you can’t stay happy in any relationship.

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