Why are Men So Difficult?

Why are Men So Difficult?

Why are Men so DifficultThis question arises in the life of every woman at some point or another as to why are men so difficult? What is it about them that women fail to understand?

Why does making everything so difficult seem a better option to them? Well, scientists are still working on this very serious issue and will inform us with any of their discoveries regarding it. Ok enough of the jokes; let’s talk about it seriously now.

There are certain defaults in a man that cannot be rendered until the man is willing to let go of the great ‘EGO’ of his. Male ego is something that is very difficult, nearly impossible to get rid of. I do believe that a man without ego isn’t a man but a man with an overdose of ego is not to be appreciated either.

Saying the words ‘I am sorry’ is like asking a guy to hang yourself to a fan. Really! Its suicide for big ego guys! They find themselves choking whenever they want to say their sorry and instead they end up saying lots of other sugar coated stuff Bravo!

Being apologetic about something you did that hurt someone is not to be ashamed of. Apologizing makes the other person feel that you value him/her and that what you did was not nice and you would want to fix it. I would award a guy with such humility and guts to apologize and boohoo to the guys who think apologizing makes them a sissy! Well, I pity you poor souls.

Not only to apologize but to except your partner’s apology and to let things go is not something every guy can do. First, they expect you to say sorry and when you do they say “You don’t really mean it”. My suggestion to you is that u must applause him for the great mind reader that he is, pack your bags and look for a guy who does not doubt everything that you do for him.

Girls are sensitive and all they want is lots of love and care, but find someone who actually cares about you and your feelings. Who doesn’t make everything an ego problem and who values you, your presence and most of all your happiness.

Happy Relationships to you all!

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