5 things that couples should not do in public

5 things that couples should not do in public

Couples daily habits are helpful in making their relationship last forever but when they are so lost into each other, the world ceases to exist for them. Although this behaviour will not cause any harm in the meantime it certainly can be harmful in future. They will unintentionally start ignoring their friends etc. but more importantly, this behaviour can irk single people.

Hence, couples should save some things for their private time and should not ignore whatever is happening around them.
Mentioned above are 5 things that couples should not do in public:

Public Display of Affection

Being in a relationship does not mean that couples have to be touchy all the time even when they are hanging around in public. The situation gets very weird when they do this in front of their friends who are single. When in love, it may be difficult for couples to keep their hands of their partner but there are a time and place for everything.


Whenever couples are emotionally attached to each other and happy with their relationship, they always want to see everybody happy around them. They not only want people to be happy around them but also want people to find their loved ones so that the couple is not the only centre of attention. Couples should never ignore this fact that if somebody will want help they will ask for it.

“Me” in Every Conversation

Couples totally forget the usage of “I” in their conversation and replace it with “we”. Most couples do this even before getting married. It is perfectly fine to use “we” when they are talking about something together but using it for everything gets very cheesy because there are times when people should speak as an individual.

Ignoring Friends and Family

As a couple, most people find the need to be together all the time but that does not mean that they should ignore whatever is happening around them. For instance, if you have already made plans with your friends or family, you ignore it just because your girlfriend/boyfriend asked you to do it.

Treating your Partner like a “Baby”

A very common fact that couples use the word “baby” a lot for each other but using this word does not mean that you start treating like one in public. You should be well aware of the fact that your partner knows when to sleep, eat or drink. You don’t have to remind him/her all the time especially in public.

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