5 Marriage Omens That Say It’s Over

5 Marriage Omens That Say It’s Over

It’s the inner desire to be together that brings people closer. You feel a certain level of comfort and satisfaction when you are with a certain person and he/she goes on to become your life partner. This is the most ideal case.

Marriage Omens Relationship

However, while much relationship start on a good note, demands and situations change gradually and one realizes that his/her other half is just not the right person to be with any more. Many still try to stick together thinking that the dark cloud might eventually pass away and everything will be good as before and for some others it’s the social morale that compels them to portray they are so much in love. But the reality is that it has been very hard on you and you have chosen the wrong person to falling in love with or got married to. At some point of time is necessary that you give up – for the benefit of both. Here are some relationship tips for married couples to know when it’s not working out and that you should stop trying.

Emotional Death:

Issues in marriages can be fixed only when one or both parties are willing to forego their ego and work on the solution to make peace with each other. However, if one or both spouses are convinced that they don’t have emotionally checked out, it’s time to let go of the relationship. A relationship cannot stick just because it is meant to be. The society doesn’t want you to quit each other but you have no personal intention to be with your partner any more. If either of you have these thoughts, it’s time that you realize that this relationship is better broken than kept. This is always the right thing to do for both of the partners. This is one of the most vital relationship tips to work upon.

Physical Abuse:

Love can never get abusive. If your partner gets verbally or physically abusive and for long it’s time to quit. Though the idea to get separated is sad, it could be a scary experience for the kids who grow up with parents who are bent upon hurting each other. Get out of this situation as soon as possible and gradually your kids would know that it has been the right thing for them.

Continued Infidelity:

No married person would like his/her partner to be inedible. While the first couple of cases could be reasoned for and forgotten with time, a continued infidelity means that your partner is the wrong person for monogamy. There is a chance that a person might find love elsewhere, but when you have a better choice waiting back home, it’s the responsibility not to get overpowered. Afterall, everyone has a choice.

Lack of Libido:

While sex is not something that defines a marriage, it plays a very important role in keeping the love and bond together. There are many couples who suffer from the irritation of non existence libido and sexual attention and it could sound the death knell for your marriage. Sexual fulfillment is one of the most important relationship tip to keep the marriage together and if it is not happening, you guys are just not compatible.

Incorrigible Addiction:

If a partner is too addicted into something (drug, sex, poker, etc) that sounds bad for him/her and the entire family who depend upon him/her, it’s time that you realize that your partner cannot be brought back and you and your kids will be better off alone. Of course, you should try and find a solution to the addiction before convicting upon him/her but at some point of time you need to give up. -takeyourtips

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