I Never Wanted To Be An Actress: Preity Zinta

I Never Wanted To Be An Actress: Preity Zinta

How is it to judge a reality show?

It’s not easy to critique someone but I don’t think I have a problem with being honest. But as long as you can critique and encourage them, then the criticism becomes constructive.

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If you just criticise and be mean, it becomes destructive. And I always treat people the way I like to be treated by them.

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What would you be if you were not an actress?

I don’t know, but I never wanted to be an actress. Till date my mother tells me when I was a little kid I told her I wanted to be the Prime Minister, a cop or even a judge. I even said I wanted to join the army or be a truck driver, but I never said that I wanted to be an actress.  I went from criminal psychology to being an actress and then into cricket.

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You are a bold and outspoken person. Has it ever posed a problem for you?

I don’t have time to think about what others think. I stopped thinking about what others think a long time ago. Because when you start thinking about that, you start feeling bad, you start looking bad and you can’t sleep. It’s not just one other person; there is just one ‘you’ and billions of others. I just think about the people who love me, whom I love and what they think about me. I don’t waste my time on yeh kya soch raha hai, woh kya soch raha hai (what does this or that person think).

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What kind of wife you would be?

I will be the most amazing wife.

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What is status of your upcoming movie Bhaiyyaji Superhitt?

We are going to complete the film when Sunny Deol finishes his film (Ghayal Once Again). We are going to start working on it very soon.

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What depresses you?

Whenever something in life is not on the right track, depression automatically sets in. But I can’t be sad for a long time. I am a happy person.

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What do you do when you are upset?

I shut myself in my room, scream loudly and cry it all out. And in some time, I’m fine again.

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