Karan’s Accident, Mastaangi Is Set To Feature More Interesting Surprises

Karan’s Accident, Mastaangi Is Set To Feature More Interesting Surprises

The show Mastaangi has continued to become a tale like no other with its compelling storyline and dramatic themes. The show is an interesting love story with a twist as it transcends two lifetimes. Set in college, the story between Karan and Ria is unique as the two in a previous life were RAW Agents in love but find each other years later as young students who barely recognize each other from their past association.

Mastaangi cast- Aakash Talwar Swati Kapoor and Himani Sahani

With the show continuing to progress, the show faces  a number of plot surprises as this week features Karan facing an accident to Anaita consistently trying to win his favor as Ria and Karan get closer together. 

Mastaangi cast- Aakash Talwar

In the previous episodes, Karan is impressed with Ria’s gestures as she invites him to win Anaita’s favor with a surprise dinner to build a rapport between each other.  Touched by her sweet gesture, Karan and Ria also bond as he writes ‘thank you’ to her for which she also share the same feelings.

Aakash Talwar Swati Kapoor

The love-struck Anaita continues to try to gain Karan’s attention by even teaching Trumpet a lesson as she encouraged Karan to win Ria’s favor. However, Zuben’s men try to confirm her identity as Ria is almost snatched by them.

Mastaangi cast- Aakash Talwar Swati Kapoor

In the nick of time, Karan saves her but after a dramatic chase with one of the goons, Karan meets with a car accident and is shown bloody and wounded after the onslaught. While talking about what the next episode will bring, Aakash Talwar shared to say, “Karan’s accident was a very emotional moment for the characters of the show.

Aakash Talwar Swati Kapoor and Himani Sahani

But as we go along, the coming episodes on Mastaangi are truly going to be one of the most pivotal on the show. With Karan almost sacrificing his life for Ria, she immediately comes to his rescue and takes care of him in the hospital.

Mastaangi cast- Aakash Talwar Swati Kapoor and Himani Sahani (8)

The two of them even share an intimate moment when Karan gets a flashback while Ria is nursing him back to health. With my character and Ria, audience’s will get to see Ria finally showcasing that she likes him as well which is very exciting to watch.” 

Mastaangi TV Show

With the upcoming episodes filled with drama and action, Mastaangi is an exciting show with many more exciting moments. Catch what happens next with Karan, Ria and Anaita very Monday to Saturday at 6pm on Channel V!

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