Celina Alleges That Sunny Leone’s Husband Threatens and Bullies her

Celina Alleges That Sunny Leone’s Husband Threatens and Bullies her

About a couple of weeks back Sunny grabbed the attention of the country with the news of being thrown out of Celina Jaitly’s apartment for damaging her property. Recently there is another news which broke and it says that Celina has complained that Sunny’s husband Daniel Weber is threatening her.

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Sunny Leone and Celina Jaitley

Celina in an interview with a leading website said, ‘I had to stay in a hotel with my two-and-a-half year-old twin sons because Sunny Leone and her husband wouldn’t vacate my place. They had no legal ground to keep possession of my home.’ She further added, ‘And to think that I rented them my home out of compassion.

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No one was willing to give accommodation to Sunny (Leone) and her insufferably arrogant and rude husband. I agreed. Only to regret my decision.’ The actress seemed to be very upset with the kind of behaviour she recieved from Sunny and her husband. She says, ‘What they’ve done to my house amounts to plunder and destruction.

Celina Jaitley Pictures

It’s a like a Tsunami has passed through my once-beautiful penthouse. All my antique furniture was dismantled and dumped on the open terrace to rot. Brand new teak shelves were ripped off. Holes were drilled into the walls to install CCT cameras without our permission. Even the refrigerator and washing machine were damaged.

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I have to say Ms. Leone and her husband maintained very low hygiene standards.’ Moreover Celina went on saying that, ‘Daniel is an unbelievably arrogant man. He sent my husband such rude emails. I don’t know Sunny Leone. But I felt sorry for her, for where she came from. And I generously rented our home to her and husband. Is this how they repay my generosity?

Sunny Leone red Bikin

Daniel Weber is a foreigner and yet he has been threatening and bullying me through his representatives’. Celina concludes by saying that, ‘Sunny Leone and her husband have chalked out specific roles for themselves in Mumbai and the film industry. She plays the Good Cop. He plays the Bad Cop. Playing their games they’ve pissed off the entire entertainment industry in Mumbai. Would I ever be willing to offer accommodation to a foreigner again? I don’t think so.

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I am generous. But I am not stupid’. When Sunny and her husband were asked about the allegations made by Celina, they responded by saying, ‘We don’t respond to garbage news put out by other celebs to bash us to gain self-publicity. Comments about me are baseless, and don’t concern me or Sunny. We are here to work and we are busier than ever. That’s all that matters’.

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