Sanju Movie Review

Sanju Movie Review

Ranbir Kapoor’s biopic on Sanjay Dutt is only getting applauded from the masses. His fans, especially are doing a happy dance after seeing their favourite star shine so bright on the big screen. It wasn’t an easy task to direct a biopic on a star that’s still so relevant. Ranbir himself was quite apprehensive about signing the Dutt biopic but he went ahead with Hirani’s judgement and seems like his gamble played off. Critics are mighty impressed with RK Jr’s act as Sanjay Dutt and he scores high on their acting metre. While the performances are whistle-worthy in the entire film, it’s not really a biopic. It could be rather be called an entertainer. Film critics believe the movie belongs to Ranbir hands down but the storyline could have been tighter.

Firstpost credits Rajkumar Hirani for making this biopic a usual Bollywood entertainer. They write, “Sanju presents the intimate details of Sanjay Dutt’s life in a typically Hirani-esque manner. There’s an emotional message in every potential scene; the film doesn’t attempt to decode Sanjay Dutt or justify his life. Neither does it try to whitewash his flaws. Credit to Hirani for not painting Dutt with larger than life strokes. But there is a Bollywood-ish tinge to every scene.”

Times Now feels Ranbir Kapoor is just fantastic in the film. They write, “After the first few scenes, you’ll forget Ranbir and will only look at him as Sanjay Dutt. However, the movie also belongs to Vicky Kaushal. If Ranbir is the soul of the film, Vicky is the heart of it. This is his best performance. Half star extra only for performances. They believe Sanju overall is flawed and eccentric but it has a brilliant Ranbir Kapoor at its forefront along with other cast members that make this one a worthwhile.” however, feels the biopic is no different than any other biopic in the Bollywood industry. They write, “In its relentless quest to offer absolution, Sanju is no better or worse than many other biopics that have flooded Bollywood over the past few years. These films come with in-built applause tracks, tear-jerking moments and narrative arcs that plunge to the depths only so that the eventual fightback will be that much more inspiring.” 

Times of India is blown away with Ranbir’s performance. According to them “what Ranbir does best in Sanju, is that he delivers the central character’s swag and nonchalance in the most effortless manner. Whether he’s dancing like a hysterical man, with bloodshot eyes under the influence of drugs or he’s the broken, emotional wreck just staring blank, Ranbir portrays a variety of emotions and grey shades with flair. He’s the heart and soul of this film.”

NDTV is mighty impressed with this biopic. They say, “In this scenario, the risk of becoming a pulpy panegyric like MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, a brazenly falsified yarn like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag or a hurried whitewash job like Azhar is high. Grasp over pace, pitch and purpose is, therefore, of the essence. Sanju does not, for the most part, fall short on that count. Even in its more melodramatic scenes, where just a hint of manipulation creeps in, the film does not sputter out of control.”

With such great reviews from the entire industry, we can only expect this Ranbir Kapoor starrer to create havoc at the box office. And if the really does exceptional business, we can see all the RK Jr fans beaming from ear to ear already.

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