Bigg Boss Halla Bol Preview: The House Turns Into a Call Center

Bigg Boss Halla Bol Preview: The House Turns Into a Call Center

Nights in the Bigg Boss house are just as dramatic as the days, this statement comes true in tonight’s telecast of Bigg Boss Halla Bol. Bigg Boss – Halla Bol seems to be escalating the entertainment quotient with each passing day.

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With the contestants starting a countdown of the number of days to the finale, evicted contestant Upen Patel ‘s dramatic re-entry on the show has got all of the other housemates including Karishma Tanna on their toes.

Karishma is very happy

Being given a second opportunity on the show to complete his unfulfilled aspiration, Upen Patel is charming his way in to the hearts of the housemates. Spilling gifts on Karishma and expressing his feelings for her, Upen has been pouring his heart out at every opportunity he gets. But all is not hunky dory when rumors are spread in the house resulting into misunderstandings and differences between close allies.

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The divide between the Challengers and Champions gets more prominent when the Challengers and the Champions compete to better each other in the luxury budget task. As Bigg Boss announces this week’s luxury budget competition ‘Call Center’, the housemates start to plan strategies to outwit their opponents in the task.

Preetam in bigg boss

During this task, the Bigg Boss house will be converted into a call center run by the Champions and the Challengers turn by turn. Today, the Challengers are the aggrieved customers that make calls to complain at the call center, where the Champions act like employees servicing to the grievances of its customers. While the customers question the employees about matters relating to the house and their individual differences, the employees at all times must maintain a polite tone and at no point of time can hang-up on their ranting customers.

Preetam and Dimpy

As the Challengers begin to formulate their strategies at the Call Center, they rejoice in the opportunity to vent out their anger on the Champions with whom they cannot tolerate to see eye-to-eye.

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A 10 minute call during the task will test the patience of the housemate that can result into a confrontation between the Champions and the Challengers if they cannot control their nerves. But will the employees of the Call Center manage to bear the countless allegations of their customers? Or will they hang-up on their irate customers?

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