Bigg Boss 9: Here’s how much Rimi Sen charged to be on the show!

Bigg Boss 9: Here’s how much Rimi Sen charged to be on the show!

They say, Paisa bolta hai. True that. Especially when it’s the case of Bigg Bosscontestants. With huge moolah coming to the channel from the endorsement deals and the great TRPs, the makers too pay hefty amounts to the contestants just to get them to be a part of the show. Ditto for Rimi Sen.

Rimi Sen
Bigg Boss 9: Here’s how much Rimi Sen charged to be on the show!

Rimi has time and again shunned away from doing the luxury budget task and even participating inside the house on regular affairs. She’s possibly the most disinterested contestant ever on the show. But that just leaves us with one question. Why did she join Bigg Boss if she was not interested? It’s the money! A source reveals, “Rimi is the costliest deal for Colors this year.” How much did she charge? “A whopping Rs 2 crore,” added our source.

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Now that’s huge given the winner gets to take away only Rs 50 lakhs, err sorry, now only Rs 39,66,667! Despite her attempts of being ousted from the house, requesting contestants to nominate her, Rimi has been receiving a lot of votes and she’s slowly turned out to be one of the top 3 most voted contestants on the show. But the truth is, since the makers have made such an expensive buy, they don’t want to get her evicted so soon. And if you remember, when Puneet advised her to leave the show and return the signing amount, Rimi clearly denied doing any such thing. Now you know why!

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