What Are the Benefits Of Surya Namaskar Yoga?

What Are the Benefits Of Surya Namaskar Yoga?

Benefits of Surya Namaskar YogaSurya Namaskar (Hindi word) means Sun salutation or also known as Prostrations , the concept of sun salutation comes from the worship of Surya, the Hindu solar divinity. It has a deep history and has been followed since centuries. The concept of Surya Namaskar Yoga comes from the Hindu history which was found out to be healthy and extremely beneficial of human body and mind.

Surya Namaskar Yoga is a very helpful exercise for all the muscles of the body because it covers almost everything in various exercises. It not only exercises your body muscles but all the 5 basic sheaths including body, breath, mind, intellect and bliss. Whereas the normal exercises like jogging, cardio, weight lifting etc. provide you physical fitness only. This not only keeps you fit and healthy but also prevents you from different diseases with a healthy routine. Most importantly, this yoga is not one religion but for all of us. Some people might have a mindset that it is something which is not done normally by every other religion. It is just a yoga not anything deeply religious.

It is better to perform it early in the morning and usually all the yoga masters prefer performing this with empty stomach. The perfect time to have an empty stomach is when you wake up early. It is a general misconception about the Suryan Namaskar yoga that it is done to lose weight or fats, but that’s totally wrong. Many people around the world practice is for many purposes which also include  meditation , to get rid of breathing or lung problems , to have a fitter and stronger digestive system, better blood pressure or heart rate and as an anti- depression exercise.

Suryan Namaskar is done in different sessions and after every session there is a session break which is called Shavasana.

Suryan Namaskar includes 10 Different Basic Positions

Position 1   – Exhale

In position 1 which is also called Pranamasana you have to maintain the position and inhale the in a standing position with hands connected together near chest, feet collectively and one toe touching the other.

Position2 –Inhale

In position 2 which is also called Hasta Uttanasana you have to bow ahead in the waist till palms feel the ground in line with the toes while inhaling your breath. You’ll have to make sure that your knees don’t depend while doing that. This might be a little tough at the start of the yoga but becomes easy with time.

Position 3 –Exhale

You will have to get the left leg back with left toes on the ground, while exhaling, push the waist downwards and lift the neck. Stretching the upper body forward and push shoulders backwards. Keep the right leg folded and both the hands in the same point as before.

Position 4 –Hold

While raising the left knee bring the right leg backwards and keep it close to the left one.  Straighten both legs and hands. Keep both the toes straight. Make sure that the neck, spine, thighs and the feet are in a line.

Position 5-Exhale

While Exhaling bend both the hands in elbows and touch forehead on the floor, put the knees on the ground keeping the elbows close to the upper body. Since only eight parts rest on the floor, it is called ‘ Ashtanga’ position

Position 6 – Inhale

Now straighten the elbows, stretch the shoulders, and push the abdomen down not bending your arms, while inhaling. Keep the knees and toes on the floor. Push the neck backwards and site upwards.

Position 7 – Hold

Bend the neck down and push the chin inwards on the neck, push the body backwards and touch the heels on the ground, raise the abdomen upwards, do not move the hands on the ground.

Position 8 – Hold

As in position 7, take the right leg in the front and place it in between the hands as did in position 3 but as a substitute of left leg in the front here take right leg and place left leg in the back putting left knee and toes on the ground.

Position 9- Exhale

Now in this position we bring the left leg ahead as in the position 2 and put it in between the arms while exhaling the breath.

Position 10 – Inhale

Now we start getting up and get back to the position as in position 1 while inhaling.

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