Lifehacks You Need For Designing An Easy To Clean Home

Lifehacks You Need For Designing An Easy To Clean Home

Having a clean house is very important for one’s health and wellness, as it means the number of germs and allergens is reduced as much as possible. There are hundreds of life hacks to help you clean your house, but how easy it is for you to embrace these hacks depends on your house’s interior design. There are materials and designs which allow a quick and deep cleaning, while others are prone to make your life harder.

Lifehacks You Need For Designing An Easy To Clean Home
Lifehacks You Need For Designing An Easy To Clean Home

1. Floors: less carpets, more concrete

The biggest surface you must clean is the floor and it’s also the largest area where germs can build up. People are walking around the house, the pets are lounging on it, and the kids are spilling food: the floor has a lot to endure. Having carpets or a porous surface is going to make cleaning hard as the germs will manage to stick to the surface. To avoid this problem, pick non-porous surfaces, such as concrete. You can go for stained concrete, which can be enhanced with a sealer. Lack of seams and cracks will make the floors easier to clean and more hygienic. When it comes to carpets, the less is more, so minimize the areas where you install carpets. A good option is installing carpet tiles, which come with more advantages when it’s cleaning time.

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2. Countertops: sealing is the keyword

The second biggest area you need to clean in your house are the countertops. Because they are used to work on, cook on, and do a lot more activities on the countertops can easily become the main source of germs in your house. To avoid this, choose countertops that can be sealed, to avoid grout. Another option are stainless steel, laminates, and quartz countertops which don’t require sealing, come in one big piece, and are easy to clean.

3. Backsplashes can help

In your kitchen, there are going to be spills and stains on the walls, so you can protect them with an easy to clean surface. That surface is called backsplash and there are multiple options when it comes to materials. From the cleaning perspective, glass splashbacks are the best solution, as they are easy to clean, easy to install and there are no seams, cracks, or porous surfaces where germs can nest. Another big advantage of glass backsplashes is the fact they come in one large piece. Plus, you can choose from a wide array of designs!

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4. Rollout storage

Dust is one of the main allergens in the house, so minimizing the areas where dust can deposit is a good plan to prevent ailments and ease the cleaning. Rollout storage and even a rollout pantry are great solutions to reduce the amount of dust in your house. They also make wiping and dusting easier, as you only need to take out the drawers and wipe them. Casters are another good option: moving your furniture around when you are mopping helps you to reach the most inconvenient spaces, which could remain untouched otherwise. However, make sure the casters have breaks, otherwise, your furniture might ride the house at the worst moments.

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