How to Make Your Bedroom Romantic on a Budget

How to Make Your Bedroom Romantic on a Budget

Make your Bedroom Romantic on a BudgetBedroom is the only corner of your house where you relax after spending a big hectic day, full of multi tasking and a nerve wrecking schedule. 

Bedroom is your love nest, a romantic abode just for you and your hubby, providing you a temporary escape against reality. So it should essentially be decorated in a way to set your mood.

We usually neglect romantic bedroom decoration, considering it would be expensive. This is but a misconception. Romantic bedroom decoration on a budget is very much possible. All you need is a little creativity, brainstorming and some free time to execute your romantic ideas. Following are some expert home decor tips on how to create a romantic bedroom. They might trigger your mind on an innovative journey.

Tips To Create A Romantic Bedroom:

  • Wall Paint:

When comes to wall paint for a romantic bedroom decoration, you need colour shades that are seductive, and have a relaxing effect on your mood to create a romantic bedroom. Colours that are too bold create disturbance in mood. Soft tones like vanilla, apple white or light green have a nice effect on one’s mood. If you think, it is expensive to get the walls painted, you can paint them yourselves. It is absolutely not difficult to paint the walls, though it seems to be. If the walls are neat and tidy, you can skip the step of getting the walls painted. To bring a dynamic look in your romantic bedroom decoration, you can play with the wall hangings and curtains instead of changing the wall colours.

  • Lighting:

Dim lights complement the romantic bedroom decoration theme. Golden lights with a dimmer switch is something that can change the entire look and feel of your room without costing you much. To create a romantic bedroom, you don’t have to install extra lights or expensive fancy lights, rather just get the dimmer switches attached with the existing lights. Try to replace the bulbs with golden energy savers. To create a romantic bedroom, you can add a lot to the romantic bedroom decoration by camouflaging the bulbs so that the ambiance of light increases.

  • Wall Hangings:

For a romantic bedroom decoration, Don’t over stuff the walls with so many wall hangings, rather go for just one theme painting that is romantic. If you think it adds to your budget, you can replace it with your own pictures provided they are well framed. To make your romantic bedroom decoration even more cost efficient, you can frame your pictures yourself. For this, you should be good at arts. You can decorate even the most simple and inexpensive frames with the waste necklace stones, pearls or gems. By doing so, even a simple frame would start looking a piece of art.

  • Candles:

Candles with soft fragrance are a must if you want to create a romantic bedroom. Placing a candelabra in the corner beside your bed with three or four fragrant candles can enhance your romantic bedroom decoration many folds. Potpourri flowers can also impart romantic fragrance. Make sure that the perfume, air freshener or fragrant candles are sweet smelling. Strong perfumes are not recommended if you are trying to create a romantic bedroom mood.

  • Curtains and Bedcovers:

Window panes are very important when talk of a romantic bedroom decoration. A sheer fabric if curved and rolled around the curtain edges can add to the romantic effect of the room. Two layered curtains also suit the romantic bedroom decoration theme. Bed Covers should be simple, elegant and of striking colours. Don’t over stuff your bed with pillows. Try to achieve a luxurious and comfortable feel when choosing bed covers for your romantic bedroom decoration. You can renovate your old bed covers with the new braids. Try to replace your bed skirt and this will add a lot to the romantic bedroom decoration. Satin and silk bed covers add to the romantic mood.

  1. Declutter And Place Just What Adds To Your Mood:

To create a romantic bedroom out of just an ordinary one, you need to sort out your room with a serious intention of decluttering. Leave just the things which you think add to your mood. All the rest can be placed somewhere else in your house.

Beside all these romantic bedroom decoration ideas, your own style and definition of romance will guide you. When you create a romantic bedroom, follow your aesthetics and this is how youy can create a romantic bedroom on a budget!

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