How to Balance Work and Pregnancy

How to Balance Work and Pregnancy

Balance Work PregnancyPregnancy is the phase of life during which you are surely not feeling your best. While being pregnant gives you a pleasant feeling, at the same time, it can affect your work and life balance.

Many of the women experience extreme mood swings, fatigue, nausea and hormonal changes during pregnancy which eventually affect their usual work routine and professional life. However, with proper rest and healthy eating you can surely take good care of yourself while balancing your pregnancy and work.

Following are some helpful tips to help you keep balance in your work and pregnancy.

Make yourself comfortable

While working, try to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes and elevate your feet by using a footrest to relieve tired feet and legs when possible.

Make changes to your work routine and workspace

Make changes to your workspace by asking your HR official to arrange a chair for you with better support so that the pressure in your back can be relieved. Avoid sitting for long periods; instead, try to change your work routine by alternating sitting or standing to get proper circulation in legs.

Balance pregnancy and work by stretching


t least once per hour, do little stretching to relieve tension in your muscles. Rotating ankles, bending over and touching your toes, and stretching your back by raising arms, can surely be refreshing and will help you in balancing pregnancy and work.

Fighting Pregnancy Nausea

Morning sickness and nausea are the common factors in pregnancy. However, you can surely fight with them with proper care and management. Especially during first trimester, morning sickness is at its peak due to a rush of hormones. In order to avoid this situation, always keep your medicines in your office drawer. Also keep snacks on hand to settle down your upset stomach. Small bites of salty crackers, muffins or pretzels can help perk your energy throughout the work day.

Bring your own lunch

While keeping your pregnancy nausea in consideration, try to avoid dining with others as certain foods and smells can trigger nausea. Instead, you can bring your own lunch with nausea-preventing foods. During pregnancy, the foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins like grilled chicken, low-fat yogurts, bananas, cheese toast etc. are good options to have in lunch. It’s better to avoid fast food and fried foods as they are harder for your body to digest.

Stay hydrated

While dealing with your work routine, don’t forget to take small sips of water and fluids throughout the day. During working, try sipping a sports drink, soup, or your favorite fruit smoothie to stay hydrated and fresh. Take care of your liquids during pregnancy, as dehydration can result in severe complications.


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