Drink Healthy This Holiday Season

Drink Healthy This Holiday Season

We know that even before December has started your calendar is full of parties, weddings, and Christmas and New Year bashes. And a party is rarely complete without a bar.

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So while you are busy tanking up this party season, remember to be responsible; and we don’t just mean ‘get a driver’. Drinking the healthy way will ensure you don’t pile on the pounds or suffer a hangover.

Here are 10 ways to enjoy your drink without the bad after effects.

Avoid sugary mixers:

Avoid sugary mixers

Drinks like margaritas and similar cocktails contains high fructose and sugar syrup, which are unhealthy and cause major weight gain. Try drinks mixed with water, soda or fruit juice sans the added sugar to keep your drink light and healthy.

Choose healthier options:

healthier options

Whisky and vodka are low on calories as compared to beer, so avoid the latter. Alternatively, you could have a glass of red wine that’s known for its anti-oxidant properties.

Don’t mix alcohol:

drink healthy

If you are planning to drink healthy at a party, mixing alcohol is a no no. It’s not only hard on your system but could leave you sick and with a hangover.

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Eat before you drink:

women eating food

Drinking on an empty stomach is a hangover waiting to happen. Your body requires a bit of starch to prepare it for alcohol. You can eat a light meal before you head over to the bar. This will also help you fill your stomach so that you drink less.

Eat while you sip:

Party Season

If you are planning having your drinks neat, be sure to nibble while you drink. This will help your body absorb the alcohol without hurting you in the process.

Drink water too:

Drinking water

Alcohol causes dehydration. Hence, make sure to drink enough water between shots to stay well hydrated.

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Avoid beer:


Beer is known to have 100 calories or more per glass. It’s best to skip beer and have a cocktail with fresh fruit juice like a healthy mojito, martini or magarita!

Source: idiva

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