8 Ways to Become More Energetic In the Morning

8 Ways to Become More Energetic In the Morning

8 Ways to Become More Energetic In the MorningBy making a few things part of your lifestyle you can become more energetic in the morning. The amount of sleep, the dinner you the night before and what you do when you wake up all determine how energetic you will be all day.

  • Get enough sleep:

Most of the researches show that an average adult needs 6 to 9 hours of sleep. Some people need more sleep than others because everyone has a different body type. Hence there is no specific number of hours. You should go to sleep when are drowsy and wake up without an alarm in order to get adequate sleep to wake up energetic.

  •  Downsize dinner the night before:

How energetic you wake up the next day is too much influenced by what you eat for dinner. If you eat a late night heavy meal your body will be too busy digesting all night.

  • Sleep in dark:

Exposure to any sort of light will disrupt your body’s internal cycle. So when you go to bed make sure all lamps and light are switched off and TV and computer screens are blank in order to get a healthy sleep. The more sound sleep you get the more energetic you will be the next day.

  • Drink something in the morning

When you wake up after several hours your body is definitely dehydrated a little. Drinking something will energize you after sleep. Any beverage can do that but plain water with half a lemon squeezed in will be best for high energy levels all day and a faster metabolic rate.

  • Break Fast is essential

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you wake up your sugar levels and glucose level is low. It provides the brain with glucose that is essential for day’s tasks coming up. It stabilizes blood sugar levels which will make you more energetic.

  • Look at the sun

To get highest energy levels it is very important that you go in natural sunlight for 15-20 minutes because that reduces melatonin production in the body. Medical science says that when melatonin levels fall in the body the person awakens and becomes more energetic.

  • Meditate

Though our busy lifestyle often leaves no time for us to relax but waking up 15 minutes early would do no harm. Meditating for 10 to 15 minutes in the morning preferably facing a window with sunlight coming in activates the brain. This activation of brain makes you energetic and lively all day.

  • Move

After you wake up you must do some physical activity to make sure your blood circulates activating your mind and hence making you energetic. This can be any activity walking, cycling, yoga or even cleaning your house.

Making these simple things a part of your life style will make you more energetic. You will be able to perform all day’s tasks with an actively working mind and an enthusiastic body.

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