5 Diet Foods that are actually Fattening

5 Diet Foods that are actually Fattening

5 Fitness Foods That Will Make You FatWe all take a lot of care when it comes to take healthy diet. Planning meals ahead, adjusting the calories intake, and noting down what we need to eat and what to skip.

But still there are a lot many foods that we think that are diet foods but they actually are quite fattening. Let’s take a look at the top 5 fitness foods that will make you fat;

  • Diet Carbonated Drinks

Although these drinks are claimed to be sugar free and healthy for weight watchers, but they actually are equally dangerous for your health. Diet drinks, like the regular drinks have the same pH value and play an important role in increasing the risk of weight gain. Even if taken seldom, diet carbonated drinks increase the risk of diabetes, and can even cause cancer. The artificial sweeteners that are used in these drinks are claimed to be safe but they can be harmful to some due to the presence of some harmful chemicals.

  • Nuts

Next on 5 fitness foods that will make you fat are nuts. Although they can make a wonderful snack; full of energy and fiber, but they still have got fats that can make you gain weight. Nuts like almonds and peanuts have a combination of good and bad fats in them. Taken in large quantity on a daily basis, they can add much to the calorie intake without making you feel full. Try to control the quantity and frequency of your eating nuts and seeds, but don’t stop them having altogether, since nuts are good for the health anyway.

  • Yogurt

What could be a better choice than a cup of yogurt for your breakfast?! That’s what many of us think, but the truth is that it has a lot of calories in it even if it is made from skimmed milk, which makes it our next item on the list of 5 fitness foods that will make you fat. Yogurt increases the chances of accumulation of water in the muscles which makes it unhealthy for the weight conscious ones. Although, it is a great food for the digestion since it contains pre-biotic and it has lactic acid which is even better for your skin and hair. But taking yogurt in large quantity daily for a longer period of time can make you prone to weight gain.

  • Cereal Bars

They could make a nice snack for the day but they are not, because they are next on our list of 5 fitness foods that will make you fat. Cereal bars are becoming a hot favorite of many because they contain many cereals, nuts and fruits, which make them high in fiber and nutrition. But the truth is that they are high in sugar and corn syrup too. There are a lot of different cereal bars in the market that claim that they are light and good for health but they actually contain as much sugar as a normal chocolate bar which makes them a big no no!

  • Flavored Popcorns

Air popped popcorns are high in fiber and are a great TV snack. But actually, these popcorns, particularly the flavored ones are full of sugar and calories. They even cause bloating and gas trouble. And the worst thing is that they are so light that you often eat them more than you ought to be eating. These are a few points that make popcorns to our list of 5 fitness foods that will make you fat.

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