Samsung Galaxy Note5 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note5 Review

Let’s get this out of the way right away, shall we? The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + is a big-screen smartphone for people who don’t like Apple phones, but secretly want an iPhone 6s Plus anyway. Just as Samsung brought out the beautiful, curved screen Edge to compete with Apple’s much-coveted iPhone 6 early this year, the Edge + is for Android users who want a sleek large-screen device and prefer the 6 Plus’s design to that of the Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Because aside from the flashy design, there really isn’t much to differentiate the S6 Edge Plus from the Note 5. But, oh, what a flashy design it is. Like its predecessor, the dual curved display of the Edge + is a thing of real beauty, set seamlessly within a metal frame and glass bodywork. Edge + and iPhone enthusiasts can argue which is the more aesthetically pleasing, but among Android devices at least the Edge + is in a league of its own design-wise. 

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Other than the design, there’s very little to differentiate the Edge + from the Note 5. Both sport the same superb 5.7-inch Amoled display (amazing colour palette, pin-sharp rendering), 16MP and 5MP rear and front cameras, processors, internal RAM and batteries. The Edge +’s key differentiating factor is, of course, its dual- edged screen, with the lack of S Pen stylus the main trade-off over the Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Aside from design aesthetics, Samsung is keen to point out the ability of the dual curved-edge screen to do exciting things such as display a clock app or contact shortcuts. These are quite clever, but not particularly helpful, something that can also be said about the Note 5’s S Pen. The other difference between the two devices is price; while it pays to shop around, the Edge + sells for about Dh3,099 for a basic 32GB model, some Dh300 more than the equivalent Note 5. If curved screens leave you cold, then the Note 5 is a great phone at a better price. But if that premium design trumps all, you can spare the extra dirhams and you really don’t want an iPhone 6s Plus, the Edge + is for you.

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q&a both curvy and affordable

John Everington analyses Samsung’s new range of smartphones:

Why don’t people like the Note 5? I thought you heaped it with praise?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

You have a good memory. The Note 5’s design is indeed a massive step up from the Note 4, with a curved metal and glass finish that’s not actually a million miles away from the Edge +. I guess Samsung figures that people really like curvy screens, and will pay a bit extra for them.

But they’re virtually the same phone. Won’t it confuse people if they’re sold side by side?

Hmm, perhaps your memory isn’t so good. As I said before, while the Edge + is available in most markets, the Note 5 is only available in North America, Asia and selected other markets (including the UAE).

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Ah yes, I remember now. So how do sales between the two compare?

It’s a bit hard to say, although reports from 1010data in August showed that online sales of the Note 5 in the US were twice as fast as those of the Edge +, suggesting that American customers were happier going with the cheaper model. No word yet on the situation in the UAE.Galaxy Note 5

Given your point that the Edge + is designed to compete against the iPhone 6s Plus, is it available in pink?

You mean “rose gold”? Sadly not, the Edge + only comes in White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum and Silver Titanium. Watch this space for the next version, which will no doubt come in “light copper” or some other pink euphemism.

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