Samsung ES9500 OLED TV

Samsung ES9500 OLED TV

Samsung ES9500 Oled TvSamsung is a well reputed company known for its quality gadgets. But the revolutionary launch of Samsung ES9500 OLED TV has just shaken the market competitors with its remarkable features.

Samsung ES9500 OLED TV is a 55-inch smart OLED TV that promises remote control, voice control, gesture control and face recognition (it includes a camera). It features a Smart Evolution upgradeable dual-core CPU. The color reproduction is told to be 20% better as compared to LED LCDs by Samsung.

Samsung ES9500 OLED TV has also built in Smart Dual View technology which lets users watch two different programs (2D) on one screen at the same time using the set’s 3D glasses and sound fed through headphones. Samsung ES9500 OLED TV and LG’S 55EM9600 are reported to be the first big screen OLED TVs to enter mass production.

Samsung has not announced the pricing officially yet, but the estimated price will probably be $8,700. Samsung ES9500 OLED TV is expected to be in the market during second half of 2012.

Samsung – while comparing its super OLED TV that is Samsung ES9500 OLED TV with LG’s OLED TVs – focuses on the fact that they are using ‘True OLED’ RGB subpixels while LG Display’s white subpixels with color filters architecture (WOLED-CF). The results can’t be compared till both the models are open for sales. LGD is cost efficient while Samsung ES9500 OLED TV though expensive but is expected to display a revolutionary colour and picture quality.

Samsung ES9500 OLED TV seems to have potential of out performing any current flat-panel display technology. Samsung claims a 20 percent improvement in color reproduction which is not less than a revolution!

Samsung describes its 55-incher as a “masterpiece of accurate color reproduction and maximized performance,” The real comparison of Samsung ES9500 OLED TV with LGD will tell if it addresses the off-angle colour issues like LGD or not.

Samsung ES9500 OLED TV has a 0.3-inch depth, which is about one third of the skinniest ever LED TVs, but still nearly doubles that of the LG’s 0.157-inch (4mm) depth.

OLED Technology – organic light-emitting diode technology – has not yet progressed much further than smartphones as the cost involved in mass production is astronomically high. OLED TV technology is what every video enthusiast dreams of, due to its emissive display characteristic which – unlike LCDs – does not require a separate backlight unit. It is therefore capable of delivering rich and realistic colours along with deep blacks. Moreover, OLED technology allows for super-slim screens, frugal power consumption and wide viewing angles.

Samsung and LG are the only names working on OLED technologies so far. Samsung ES9500 OLED TV’s official launch has heated up the race. Let’s see who wins!

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