Weekly Horoscope: 14th December to 20th December 2014

Weekly Horoscope: 14th December to 20th December 2014

Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) :

Ganesha foresees that the first half of the week is not very encouraging as Moon will be interacting with North Node and Saturn, leading to some tensions and disappointments. You may receive some bad news about someone in your close circle. However, the weekend looks very promising. This week is good for those who expect to boost their business. You may get new orders. At the same time, you need to seriously follow-up on pending payments. With Venus in Capricorn, there are all chances that much of your outstanding debt shall be repaid. With Jupiter’s retrogression in Leo, students are not going to enjoy this week much. Either they won’t be able to concentrate on studies or there will be some disappointment in regard to admission in desired college.

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Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) :

If you are expecting some financial gains this week, they are likely to be delayed, predicts Ganesha. On top of it, planetary positions are such that if you try to push the matter, you may end up delaying it further, so you might as well let things take their own course. As for work, you shall be quite active. In fact, this is probably the busiest time of the year. Don’t get irritated by the overload of work or multitasking, because it can lead to negative thoughts of quitting your job, which is not desirable under the current planetary transits. Love life will neither be dormant nor too active, mainly because you shall be too busy with other areas of life. If you have booked a house and are waiting to take its possession, you may have to wait a little longer, feels Ganesha.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) :

Mars and North Node both are in Trine from your Sun sign, while Mercury and Sun are opposing your sign, observes Ganesha, and suggests that this is going to be an eventful week. Your sign Lord rules two angles from your sign and it is holding the third angle, i.e. Sagittarius sign. This week is going to keep you busy with public relation activities and socialising. If you are active in some social groups, this week you shall be the centre of attention. Your chances of winning a debate are bright. On the professional front, you shall have to work very hard. This week is not very encouraging for romantic life, even married couples may experience a dwindling of their generally good rapport, however, you don’t have to worry too much either.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) :

As the week starts, you shall be experiencing some stress at home. It could be anything related to parent’s health, repairing work at home or children creating nuisance. As the week progresses, you shall find yourself getting more in sync with your work. You are likely to attend more ‘group meetings’ this week. You may expect long-drawn-out discussions on myriad job-related matters, and your opinions are likely to be highly valued. Those in business would be experiencing stress related to assets or loans. As far as married life is concerned, the week looks very good and romantic. Nonetheless, committed couples may come under some sort of stress regarding their relationship. Matters related to finances need to be dealt with very carefully.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) :

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You are very likely to think out of the box this week, predicts Ganesha. Students of your zodiac sign may find their studies going off-track. Those scheduled to take exams shall have to be extra careful and studious. This week may be slightly tricky for those awaiting approval of loans, results of joint property litigation or inheritance. However with Sun’s transit in Sagittarius, you shall be able to maintain a high level of confidence and handle everything smoothly. Your rapport with your business partner may not be too good. Even relations with your spouse may sour if you don’t eschew your aggression or domineering ways. At work, this could be a comfortable week when things shall flow as if on auto-pilot.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) :

Ganesha expects a very interesting week for you. The atmosphere at home shall be very lively. You may have some very intellectually stimulating people visiting your home and you and your family members shall feel very enlightened because of their visit. This week indicates that someone from your past might resurface suddenly and you shall be delighted to get back in touch with that person. Ganesha cautions you against abuse of authority at home. Give your family members some space, and let them take their own decisions at least in simple things. You are going to develop an interest in arts. Terms with children would be very good and you shall be spending lots of time nurturing them or interacting with them. Those planning for a family have stars in their favour. Good luck!

Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) :

You shall be presenting yourself with greater confidence during this week whether in office or at social gatherings, predicts Ganesha. You shall interact with the higher-ups in your organisation. You are likely to receive good news about relatives or siblings this week. The flow of communication between you and others shall be smooth. You shall also realise that your communication skills have improved and people now take you more seriously. There shall be lots of scope of betterment in your work area and you shall be making the best use of this week to improve the quality of your work. This is the best time to invite people to your home or take them out for a dinner. This is also a very good week for reciprocating favours that you may have taken from others in the past.

Scorpio ( 23rd October to 22nd November ) :

This week you are likely to take things easy in almost all spheres of life, predicts Ganesha. Though circumstances may compel you to act with greater speed, you are unlikely to succumb to the pressure unless you feel comfortable working faster. As Jupiter is retrograde, you may take your sweet time in deciding about your career, advises Ganesha. This is a very good time to sort out things as per their importance, so that less important things can be kept aside which can be taken up at a latter stage, thus you can focus on the most important aspects right now. This week you may not feel very energetic, and may be in need of proper rest and mental relaxation in order to function efficiently. Some of you may fall sick this week and may require proper medication for a speedy recovery, feels Ganesha.

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) :

With regards to your finances, you may need to speculate a lot this week, predicts Ganesha. Financial speculation, of course, shall form the major chunk of it, and you may find yourself juggling your finances quite a lot. Ganesha feels that you shall have to work very hard on inter-personal relations with everyone both at office and home. People may not like your forthrightness and your inclination for bluntly driving home the home-truths. Ganesha warns you that this week people may attempt to tarnish your character, so be careful. Control your expenses, and, if possible, keep your distance from the stock market. However, if you wish to invest in mutual funds or life insurance policies, the week is favourable.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) :

Despite the fact that you may be facing extremely tough situations at your workplace, Ganesha foretells that you shall keep pegging on with a broad smile on your face. It is the transit of Venus through your sign that shall help you. This week you need to ‘gift’ something precious to yourself, to make you feel better. Anything you like will do – jewellery, branded clothes, gadgets, etc. Ganesha advises you that during such tough times, you should ideally watch more movie flicks, go on picnics or do something diverting. For buying and selling of big things like house, land or vehicle, the time is not too good. Intellectual discussions with people living in distant places may stimulate you. Ganesha feels that during this week you should work in a secluded environment to be able to perform more efficiently.

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) :

This is a good time to make friends with influential people of the society, feels Ganesha. Even if you don’t put in much effort, you shall come across some prominent figures, depending on your location. Your friends shall lend you solid support, whether you are experiencing any difficulty in life or not. You shall be influenced by friends or well-wishers this week. On the social front, you shall be active and will be contributing in some manner or the other to groups or your society. This week is favourable for those working in non-government organisations or those involved in social work. During this week you may need to discuss some important points with your spouse or beloved. For singles, this is not the right time to try to impress someone, or rush into intense relationships, so just take things as they come.

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Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) :

You need to invest your energy to accomplish things after careful thought and weighing all the pros and cons, else you may end up simply wasting your energy, advises Ganesha. There shall be a tendency to worry a lot about things that are likely to happen. Well, if you keep thinking of all the negative scenarios, you could be inviting them. This week you may be working very closely with your superior or boss. You might also need to take interest in management or administrative work at office. Those in business can take advantage of this time to organise seminars or anything that can give some publicity to their business. Your personal goals too need attention, or else you may end up spending the whole week working, and later regret that you should have spent at least some time honing your personal skills.

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