Diwali 2014: What Special To Do For Him This Festival Of Lights

Diwali 2014: What Special To Do For Him This Festival Of Lights

Diwali is a festival for all; men and women both. But how can you make this festival special for your husband?

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Here are how, a few special things you can do for your husband, or your man. 

Diwali 2014 Festival

Make it a Family Event:

There is not much particularly to be done for your husband, but since it is a function for the family the best you can do for him is make him feel like he’s at home and surrounded with the people he loves and who love him. Family can speak a million words when it comes to a festival. All things aside every member of the family gets together to spend the glorious days and nights in celebration of lights, love and food. The memories made are the best gift a woman can give to her husband this Diwali. Call on his family and call on yours, make a fabulous meal for everyone and share the love amongst every member ti make it a home filled with blessings and joy until the next Diwali. [contentblock id=2 img=adsense.png]

Look Gorgeous:

Which husband does not want to get home and see his wife look stunning? This Diwali go the extra mile and get yourself dolled up for him. Pick out a special dress and match your accessories. Wear the bling well and the shoes right with the right kind of dress. Do not go overboard with makeup but definitely do something your husband would not expect to see on a daily basis. This festival is all about the lights, the ones in your home and within you. Make your inner light shine for your husband’s inner joy to prevail and have a wonderful time as you look wonderful in the picture perfect memories made.

Buy Him a Nice Gift:

Buy him a wonderful gift; one he will cherish and remember all his life. Husbands love to be treated and gifted on festivals just like women do.

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So notice what he has been hinting at and surprise him this Diwali and hopefully this year you festivities will bring you loads of blessings and tons of joy until next years Diwali springs back again.

Diwali Indian Festival of Light 2014 by fashioncentralindia

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