Bhairavi Goswami

Bhairavi Goswami

Bhairavi GoswamiIndian model, Bhairavi Goswami, has killer looks. It’s been known that the fashion model, Bhairavi Goswami can seduce a man with her lies as the model only exposes and makes something public whatever she wishes.

Personality of the Indian Model, Bhairavi Goswami

Fashion model, Bhairavi Goswami, is an Indian Model who is famously known to be an intelligent woman with a sharp wit and a goodhearted person and gets extremely ecstatic when it comes to food and love for animals. The fashion model, Bhairavi Goswami, is a hyper active woman who is into sports and prefers to live a life on the edge. The term sexy for Bhairavi Goswami will really be an understatement as the Indian model doesn’t feel embarrassed or boasts about her beauty. Bhairavi Goswami is every male’s dire fantasy as the fashion model believes in love and a wonder world where she is loved and loves her partner too.

She is really inexplicable and a charming diva of the fashion model industry. One can call, Bhairavi Goswami more of an apple of every man’s eye. The catching personality has gone through a long way, in her achievements and career. Let’s have a look at her taste, her dislikes and how the Indian model managed to reach the top.

Bhairavi Goswami- Likes and Dislikes

Bhairavi Goswami is unpredictable when it comes to her professional behavior. She doesn’t follow the culture which is followed by other models in the fashion model industry. Her love for cars, specially the fast cars is immense. Not just this, the Fashion model, Bhairavi Goswami adores the horses as well. This is why Bhairavi Goswami feels at ease when she’s riding horses and is also a successful champion of Ace Equestrian. It is only because of the passion of  Bhairavi Goswami’s for the horses.

Career of the Indian model/Fashion model

Bhairavi Goswami never planned to become an actress in her life. Like many others that she just ended up in this career. She was born a gifted actress as acting was gifted to her by God. Initially, Bhairavi Goswami was a journalist who wrote for lifestyle magazines, travel industry as well as fashion industry. A freelance journalist doesn’t keep the career for long. Her participation in the glad rags contest gave her encouragement and paid off her work.

Bhairavi Goswami has been participating in many events and television shows. In that, the Indian model, Bhairavi Goswami was the finalist but she became the runner up in the AXN Hot and Wild contest. One can proudly say that Bhairavi Goswami is the eastern Paris Hilton the way she has gained fame and money. The fashion model, Bhairavi Goswami, started off her career as a theatre girl with minimal pay. The Indian model got a hit movie, “Bheja Fry” which gave a boost in her career.

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