Weight Loss Journey of Zareen Khan from 100 to 57 Kilos

Weight Loss Journey of Zareen Khan from 100 to 57 Kilos

Zareen Khan PhotosWhen she entered Bollywood, her first film Veer did not do well at the silver screen. Even her weight drew a lot of criticism. But when she did an item number in Ready, her slimmer avatar became the talk of the town. Yes, we are talking about actress Zareen Khan, who shunned her critics by shedding oodles of weight in just few months. Right exercise and proper diet is what helped Zareen to get those sultry curves.

Journey from 100 kilos to 57 kilos

You might find it hard to believe, considering her perfect figure now, but at one point of time Zareen Khan weighed 100 kilos! All thanks to the junk food she use to binge on in her teens. She says, “I was so laid-back. I didn’t care about my weight, although people repeatedly asked me to watch it.” And since she always wanted to be a doctor and not an actress, she never cared about her weight.

Zareen Khan HotShe adds, “I thought that it really wouldn’t matter how I looked if I were a doctor.” But when she could not fulfil her ambition, she dreamed of being a model. And this is when she decided to shed those extra kilos. And within a year, with right exercise and diet, she lost 43 kilograms. She says, “I just developed a strong will power which helped me curb my food cravings and be regular with my walks. In turn, it motivated me to push myself further.”

The workout regime of Zareen Khan

bollywood workoutZareen went from a whooping 100 kilograms to 57 kilograms with the help of rigorous training and right diet plan. And after dancing on the tunes of ‘Character Dheela Hai’, the actress was seen in a more toned and fit body in Housefull 2.

This was all because of her gym instructor Yasmin Karachiwala, who made her do Pilates, weight training, and cardio exercise like swimming, jogging and spinning. Zareen says, “Every morning, I do Pilates for an hour and weight training thrice a week with Yasmin. I also do some swimming and jogging and eat every two hours to increase my metabolic rate. Sweets and fried food are a strict no!” The actress performs different types of cardio and never sticks to one form because she gets “bored easily”.

She even does yoga as there is no equipment needed and can be done anywhere, anytime, without fail, “Pilates is very challenging and that is what I like about it. It’s fun and hardly feels like exercise. I’ve recently started yoga with Twinkle Singh and she has completely changed my body. It has toned me up and stretched my muscles. There is a definite transformation. Since there is no equipment used, it is something I can do even in my hotel room when I am travelling so I can stay committed,” Zareen further added!

Diet of Zareen Khan

bollywood weight loss tipsIf you think that Zareen must have starved herself to get that smoking hot body then you are wrong! Her perfect body is all due to the right kind of food she eats.

She says, “I hate the concept of dieting. I think it’s very unrealistic. I don’t deny myself anything. I stick to a high protein diet which has a lot of veggies and juices. I am obsessed with drinking a lot of water. I needed to make fitness a part of my lifestyle. I can never workout for an hour at a stretch so my trainers create 20-minute workouts for me.”

Zareen Khan Wedding DressThis is what Zareen Khan’s diet majorly consists of:

  • Breakfast: Two eggs (whites), brown bread toast, fruits and sprouts.
  • Lunch and dinner: Brown rice, stir-fried vegetables and grilled chicken.
  • Snacks: Coconut water, sprouts or clear soups.

Well, her weight loss transformation is amazing and is a motivation for all those who are fighting fat. And if rumours are to be believed then, Zareen might shed 10 more kilos for her upcoming action film with Rajeev Khandelwal. Since, the film requires her to do some action scenes, she decided to go on the weight loss spree again with the help of cardio, weight training, power yoga and boot camp. Now, that’s called dedication!


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