Toteteca – The Handbag Library

Toteteca – The Handbag Library

Toteteca – The Handbag LibraryA handbag as any women would reckon is a symbol for many a shade of their personality. So much so that today a handbag isn’t just an additional wardrobe accessory which women use to stock up their daily essentials.

The sheer look, the color, the texture of the bag; all individually and collectively speak for the personality of its possessor. Most if not all bags in today’s time are mass manufactured; stylish yes but may not always give one a feeling of exclusivity and individuality. Keeping this thought in mind, Toteteca Bagworks was established as a chic and personal brand in January 2013.  ‘Toteteca’ which literally means The Handbag Library; ‘Tote – A kind of bag’ & ‘Teca – A library’; is an Indian e-commerce venture established under the parent company Veda Lifestyle.

Toteteca Bagworks allows its users to choose from its huge library; where shoppers can select and customize their handbags to suit their individual needs. It also makes the shoppers experience fun as they browse the website selecting from a variety of shapes and colors leading on to make a desirable handbag. All customization is visualized on their website and their team of designers is happy to answer any queries about styling choices.

Bringing in Veda Lifestyle’s expertise in custom-made bags, with their team of select craftsmen every product at Toteteca is made from scratch. The most unique part of the Toteteca experience is that it allows the user to monogram the bag with one’s initials either via a hanging tag that’s removable or stitching it into the lining.

Priced between Rs. 900 & Rs. 3400, and available in about 50 styles (with a couple of styles that are developed and added every week) Toteteca Bagworks, is your answer to that show-stopping Handbag! All the bags are freshly made and buyers get them straight from our workshop right to their doorstep, worldwide shipping included. If through the process one feels unsure about how the bag might end up looking in person, Toteteca also has a team of select designers to make that decision process absolutely error proof.

Speaking on the intent behind the establishment of Toteteca, Kushal Chudiwala, Director Veda Lifestyle & Founder Toteteca Bag Works says, “Everybody, I mean everybody has seen a bag and wanted it in another color. Say in a Purple and Grey to go with your new outfit, instead of the red and black they have at the counter? That’s human nature, ‘To each; his own.’ We at Toteteca want to change how women in India shop for their handbags. We intend to replace large logos with actual individual brand identity and the true expression of style.”

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