5 Alia Bhatt Approved Shoes You Need To Try

5 Alia Bhatt Approved Shoes You Need To Try

Alia Bhatt and sneakers are like Kareena Kapoor and her designer-wala lehenga, you can separate them, but they won’t be as great. She’s possibly the queen of high tops in Bollywood, but she does have a few other styles she likes to try. And if Alia Bhatt’s got them, you’re going to want them too! From gladiators and pointy toe pumps, to her sneakers and boots, Alia’s shoes always raise some eyeballs and in the best way possible. So here are 5 types she approves of, and you need to try on ASAP!

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1. Those aren’t just a pair of boring ol’ sneakers

pair of boring ol’ sneakers

To wear sneakers is one thing. To wear them in a colour like Alia’s is a whole other ball game. In a pair of the brightest shoes ever, Bhatt’s giving your text highlighter a run for it’s money. These Adidas babies have the power to brighten up any outfit – no seriously!

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2. Heavy metal isn’t just a genre of music.

Alia genre of music

I’d use those exact words to describe her choice of shoes here. In a pair of Stuart Weitzmangladiators that have made it to almost every best shoe list out there, the paparazzi’s cameras probably didn’t need flash while shooting these.

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3. The ones that won’t kill your feet

Alia won’t kill your feet

These are probably the comfiest shoes of the lot. The Birkenstock-like sandals got a metallic upgrade at Zara. They were labelled as granny shoes at first which means there are some majorly stylish grandmas on the loose right now.

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4. The shoes you can pair with anything

Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt

Wear these under a dress, shorts, jeans, skirts – they’ll match with every single thing. High tops replaced every other high heeled shoe in your closet and the trend isn’t going to die anytime soon.

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5. The ones that hurt but are worth it

Alia The ones that hurt but are worth it

No pain no gain, right? These pointy toe shoes might not be the most pleasurable to wear but they look too good not to try. Give them a shot – we’re sure they’ll earn you some major style points.

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