Kim Kardashian Gives Style Tips For Short Ladies

Kim Kardashian Gives Style Tips For Short Ladies

I stand at a whopping 5’1, so it’s no surprise that I’m constantly on the hunt for clothes that will make me feel taller. Kim Kardashian, a fellow shortie, understands this completely. She took to her website and posted a list of 3 tips and tricks for short girls to help elongate their looks. 

Kim Kardashian Gives Style Tips For Short Ladies

She starts out her list by explaining,

“I’ve learned that there are a few really good styling tricks for short girls like me. They’re simple and make all the difference. Not everyone is Kendall, LOL! For those of you who also struggle with #ShortGirlProblems when it comes to getting dressed, scroll down to see my go-to styling tips!”

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1. Wear nude or clear heels.

Kim Kardashian Gives Style Tips For Short Ladies

Wearing nude, skin-tone or clear shoes elongates your legs!”

Ok, this trick is 100% true. I try to opt for a nude shoe whenever possible, since it lengthens the leg line and tricks the eye into thinking you’re taller than you actually are.

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2. Wear calf-length pants.

Kim Kardashian Gives Style Tips For Short Ladies

“Another trick for looking taller is cropped leggings. They make your legs look way longer!”

Hmmm. Ok, so this one, I’m not so keen on. As someone who lives the short girl lifestyle, I always feel like wearing cropped pants cuts me off mid-way. Whenever I wear cropped leggings, I feel like my legs look shorter and stubbier. Sorry, Kim, I’m not sold on this.

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3. ALWAYS wear high heels!

Kim Kardashian Gives Style Tips For Short Ladies

“It’s not a secret that I wear heels 99 percent of the time. If I do wear flats, it’s a momentous occasion, lol. I live in heels because they’re the best way to look taller.”

There’s no doubt that heels are an automatic length boost. Plus, they always make your butt look perkier, so sign me the eff up. Sure, two of her tips are basically “wear heels” and I don’t agree with the other one, but who am I to judge? Kim clearly knows what she’s doing and always looks awesome. I honestly thought she was taller than 5’3, so her tricks must be working!

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