Summer is time to Rethink your Skin Care Routine

Summer is time to Rethink your Skin Care Routine

Summer is time to Rethink your Skin Care RoutineAs the summer approaches and the weather starts to warm up, your skin also senses the change! So it’s the time for you to make changes in the regime for your skin, because your skin is the first organ to be affected by the changing weather.

Summer skin care routine for the current season includes just a few small tips that are good enough to keep your skin refreshed and glowing.

  • Hydrate

One of the greatest home remedy for the summer skin care is to take a lot of water intake. During the summers a lot of water along with the toxins is lost from our body through the skin. So, taking a lot of water intake will keep that process going on smoothly and no toxins or waste materials will stay in the body.

Also, since our body consist of 70% water, so it is really important for the normal health condition to keep up the optimal level of water content in the body. This will make the systems of the body function normally.

  • Incorporate the SPF in your regime

The sun can make your skin damaged so fast that you cannot imagine. And the damage done from the harmful rays of the sun is not always fully recoverable. So, the most important summer skin care tip is not to ever step out without wearing the sunblock. Also, incorporate other products in your regime that have an SPF, like your daily day cream or other skin care products.

  • Change your diet

Apart from those nuts that keep you healthy and your skin glowing, a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables will do a perfect job. Tomatoes and cucumbers are just great for the salads. Coconut water will keep you hydrated and cooler and not to mention the watermelons and the buttermilk that are wonderful foods for the hot days of summer.

Try to avoid heavy and oily foods; they would only add to trouble. Summers are the best time to give your system some time to regain and refresh itself while keeping you feel lighter and cooler.

  • Home remedies for summers

Tomatoes and cucumbers are not just good for the salads, but they play a wonderful job as a tan remover and skin toner. Use them at night to undo all the damage to your skin by the sun. They are equally good to remove the blemishes and dark spots, and other breakouts also. They are really great for the summer skin care.

  • Exfoliate and moisturize

Everything else aside, exfoliating and moisturizing your skin is really important. It removes all the dead skin cells and renews and firms the skin to look more radiant and younger. So, change your summer skin care routine today to get the best results.

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