Perfect Diet for Younger Looking Skin

Perfect Diet for Younger Looking Skin

Food is a nutritional bouncer for younger looking skin revitalizing and making skin soft smooth and natural glow m so pay special attention toward your grocery by realizing the effectiveness of food. Food should not only be invigorating the skin but it should be bouncing brain power along physical fitness.

Diet for Younger Looking SkinThe wrong choice of food can cause cellular inflammation yielding wrinkles, flaccid, fine lines and premature aging. If you will pay less attention to your skin then you will have to face more skin problems. Dry, damage, dull and older looking skin is the common skin problems due to food deficiencies.

Another cause of skin aging is sun exposure UVA and UVB can cause severe premature skin aging by damaging the skin appearing think lines, laugh lines, anger lines and wrinkles etc.

Dairy Products

  • Milk & yogurt

Low fat dairy products are the best edible for younger looking skin with dietary vitamin A. Milk is rich with vitamin A, D, proteins and essential nutrients so milk, yogurt and cheese should be in diet regularly.

  • Eggs

Eggs contain two type of anti-oxidants Lutein and zeaxanthin which protect the damages of fine lines, dark spots and even skin cancer.

  • Sea food

Sea food such as tuna ,trout, salmon and other sea food are rich with omega 3 for skin firming, radiant and younger looking.

  • Extra virgin olive oil

Having essential fatty acids with moisture supple the skin. Olive oil containing hydroxytyrosol that lowers cholesterol helps to prevent obesity and diabetes

  • Use of soy

Soy food like edamame, soy milk, Tofu contain skin firming collagen with Isoflavones fewer the wrinkles by smoothing the skin and protect from the harms of ultraviolet rays.
Exceptional Dry Fruits

  • Date

Dates are the rich source of dietary vitamin A, iron, copper, calcium, magnesium, potassium and minerals etc. Dates are the best natural weight losing agent that prevents LDL cholesterol absorption in the gut.

  • Fig

 Fig is naturally rich in much health benefiting phyto-nutrients, anti-oxidants and vitamins. Dried figs, in fact, are concentrated source of minerals and vitamins.
Excessive Use of Nuts

  • Almond

Almonds have vitamin E, high calories and low fats. A handful almond is full of anti oxidants the best healthier food for skin.

  • Walnuts

Walnuts are storehouses of alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fat a component of the lubricating layer that keeps skin moist and supple and melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep.

Fresh Fruits

  • Apple

Apple is abundant with almost all anti oxidants and the use of one or two apples daily for one year will reduces the heart strokes.

  • Strawberries & blue berries

Strawberries& blue berries contain DV of vitamin C, ellagic acid protecting the elastic fiber of skin to younger looking skin with firming and smoothing

  • Tomato

Tomato contains lycopene, collagen and antioxidants that prevents the wrinkles, sagging and lines giving redness, radiance and blush to the skin.

  • Plum

 Plum contains dietary fiber, sorbitol, and isatin are known to help regulate the functioning of the digestive system and thereby relieve constipation conditions with vitamin A and beta carotene.

  • Cherry

Cherries have vitamin C, potassium, fiber and Boron etc. they are antioxidants better for sleep and pain relief as well as good for heart and brain power.

Fresh Vegetables

  • Lettuce

Lettuce contains potassium and oxygen that circulates the blood to the whole body and supports to activate the protein in the body for vascular health.

  • Carrot

 Carrots are also a rich source of anti-oxidants whether raw or cooked but cooker carrots release more antioxidants and prevents from cardio vascular diseases.

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