7 Skin Care Resolutions for 2015

7 Skin Care Resolutions for 2015

If you intend to take care of your skin in 2015, here are a few skincare resolutions you should stick to. Sangeeta Velaskar, vice president and head (Medical Services and Research and Development) at Kaya Skin Clinic, lays emphasis on proper sleep and drinking water regularly to stay fit and glowing.

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Sleep like you mean it

When you are asleep, certain hormones go up in your blood, and those same hormones drive appetite. Besides, sleeping is the easiest way to reduce those dark circles that take away from your beauty. Become best friends with your pillow in 2015.

Load up on healthy foods

While it’s going to be nothing short of painful to turn your back on those delicious pizzas and sumptuous burgers, you’re going to have to do it for the sake of attaining that coveted complexion. Stock up on leafy greens, berries, citrus fruits and other red, green and yellow items for a maximum antioxidant and nutrient boost.

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Love your skin like it was your last day on Earth

You can never love your skin enough. While it might not be feasible to indulge in a facial every second day, there are a few remedies you can follow to pamper your Skin Care within the confines of your house. Honey is known as a natural cleanser which exfoliates your skin to bring out a radiant complexion. The citric acid present in lemon helps keep the skin clear by removing dead cells. Turmeric has excellent antiseptic and skin-lightening properties that help reduce scars.

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There is a reason 60 percent of your body is made up of water

There’s nothing better than water to improve your skin overnight. Come morning, your wrinkles will feel less pronounced and your body will work most effectively as the waste and toxins of the previous night are washed away. It will also help keep your weight in check, as dehydration triggers a false feeling of hunger making it easy to confuse thirst with hunger. Your daily intake of water should be no less than eight glasses every day.

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Go natural

The year 2015 is going to be all about going back to your roots. Women have started to embrace the makeup-free look and we are absolutely lapping it up. While it is alright to deck up once in a while for special occasions, avoid using too much makeup on your skin as it causes the skin to get oily and break out. It also causes blemishes which might end up giving you sleepless nights.

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Step into your happy bubble more often

We underestimate the effect of positivity on our skin. Being inwardly happy reflects beautifully on your skin and is the most inexpensive way to look beautiful. Surround yourself with like-minded people, indulge in your favourite hobbies and strike a healthy work-life balance. Try to travel at least once in six months as meeting people from different cultures will open you up to broader opinions giving you a more optimistic view on life.

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Do your fair bit of experimenting

Listen to your skin and learn what it likes. Opt for new facials, but don’t get too adventurous or it might backfire. Instead, to minimise the risk, go for facials with natural peels. They will bring out the freshness in your skin.

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