High Heel Shoes

High Heel Shoes

High Heel ShoesA pair of high heel shoes has been a good friend of women since thousands of years. Wearing heel shoes is an evergreen style statement indeed. Lucky are the women who are naturally tall. Tall looks compliment the beauty of body. Wearing heels shoes is one option for looking tall. However, high heel shoes are not preferred only because they make you look tall. Heel shoes are now available in various patterns matching the designs of a variety of outfits.

You can choose from numerous types of high heel shoes including the following:

  1. Cone Heel Shoes: It’s a round heel shoe that is broad. Cone heel shoe is noticeably narrower at the sole of the shoe. It’s recommended for those who are in a habit of wearing high heel shoes daily.
  2. Kitten Heel Shoes: As the name suggests, it’s a short heel shoe of height no more than 2 inches. People who are not able to carry high heel shoes but prefer sleek ones mostly go for such heel shoes.
  3. Prism Heel shoes: they have three flat sides that form a triangle at the point of contact with the ground. They are sleek and formal mostly worn at formal gatherings.
  4. Puppy Heel Shoes: these are Thick Square block high heel shoes approximately 2 inches in diameter and height. They are easy to wear and can be used in the daily life activities.
  5. Spool shoes: Such high heel shoes are broad where it meets the sole, at the ground.
  6. Stiletto: These high heel shoes are tall and slim with minimum height of 2 inches. People who are used to of wearing high heel shoes, which are formal too, wear such heel shoes.

Advantages of Wearing Heel shoes: 

Wearing high heel shoes has become a daily life ingredient. They help to increase the height by 2-4 inches. This is helpful to women who love to look tall.

  • Tall Look: 

Wearing high heels helps to increase the height. This is helpful for the women who are not tall. Most of the women like to feel attractive by having a tall look by wearing heels. Women also feel smart and in a proper shape by wearing high heel shoes.

  • Good Body Posture:

Women feel that by wearing high heel shoes they look delicate and attractive. Wearing high heels gives them a sleek look.

  • High heel shoes

These enhance the appearance of a woman’s legs. Those who are in a habit of wearing short skirts with high heel shoes look gorgeous with their legs looking longer and more in shape.

Disadvantages of Wearing Heel shoes:
Heels and pain are sides of the same coin. Though women look lovely in heels, they have to suffer form many of its side-effects. Here is the list of some of the bad effects of wearing high heel shoes.

  • Foot pain: 

Most of the women suffer from foot pain after wearing high heel shoes for a long time as their entire weight gets concentrated on their feet.

  • Difficulty in walking: 

Many women find it difficult to walk with high heel shoes. Those who are used to of wearing heel shoes for long hours suffer from difficulty in walking. In this way, their way of walking with heel shoes may also look weird and there are chances of them falling.

  • Back pain: 

Back pain is another issue that causes women to stop wearing high heel shoes. High heel shoes cause the entire weight of ones body to be exerted on the lower back. As a result, they may become a victim of frequent back pain.

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