How to Stop Biting Nails

How to Stop Biting Nails

How to Stop Biting NailsEach one of us who doesn’t need a nail cutter to cut the nails has to know that the habit of nail biting is unhealthy.

Although the habit of nail biting is not easy to quit; but it is a reflection of extreme nervousness and inability to handle stressful situations. All those who bite nails do it when they are facing stressful situation, the reason can even be boredom or hunger. Here we have to list some of the remedies to get rid of this bad and unhealthy habit.

Know The Problem

 To get rid of the nail biting habit the first thing would be to accept that you bite nails and it’s bad. This can be done by closely examining how your nails look and list the problem with the bitten finger nails.  After this has been figured out there is a need to get towards the remedies of this problem.

Set a day

Set a day to start the process of getting rid of the nail biting habit.  Mark the date and the day on the calendar and also set an alert to get yourself prepared to start with the process of quitting.  Don’t keep setting new days as you fail to quit just know when to stop.

To Get Used To Healthy Looking Nails

Give yourself a good feeler of how the healthy strong nails are and that is possible with the visual effect of great looking nails with a nice French manicure. This visual effect will also help to go through the days of nail biting free days.

Also try painting the nails with bright colours so that you can notice when you’re biting them and you stop right away. The real nails can be coated with acrylic nails so that the real natural nails underneath can stay safe to grow mean while.

Protect The Nails

Protect the nails with band aid or something sour or bitter so that every time you put them in your mouth you know you have to quit biting nails. Make sure whatever the sour or bitter thing is; it is edible.

You can also help yourself to stay away from biting nails by keep one or two nails safe; so that each day you keep another one safe this way you will feel better to know that there still are a few nails to nibble.

Besides this keep your hands and mouth busy. Put a chewing gum in your mouth and get your hands busy with a pen or a rubber band.

Along with all this hassle make sure that you take the supplements and enjoy the strong healthy nails to grow. Once you grow the nails you will want to do it over and over again and the problem of nail biting will be solved.

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