How to Make Nail Polish Dry Faster

How to Make Nail Polish Dry Faster

Make Nail Polish Dry FasterApplying nail polish is an art. These days we are designing our nails with different artistic and stunning ways but it gets annoying when after spending a huge time to paint beautifully, our nails smudge or mess. So we all want to make nail polish dry faster to avoid the denting fingerprint marks from nails.

To make nail polish dry faster the professional way of nail polish application also helps. Before applying clean and dry you nails, after washing hands paper cotton will be good to dry hands. Don’t forget to apply base coat before nail polish. To make the nail base coat dry faster soak you hands in ice bowl or cool air of blow dryer. One layer of base coat and two thin layers of nail polish give neat and attractive looks of nails as well as help to dry nail polish faster.

Here are five tricky ways to dry your nail polish faster, chose anyone of your choice and ease.

  • Apply Thin Coats:

It is must to apply even coats of nail polish to dry your nail polish faster. Professionals recommend applying thin and one stroke brush of nail polish. Always apply 2 thin coats of nail polish instead of applying one thick. In each coat of applying nail polish avoid repeating the polish strokes, by doing this your nail polish will take more time to get dry.

  • Use Blow Dryer:

Blow dryer is one of the best tips to make your nail polish dry. When you apply the first coat put your nails in front of blow dryer, make sure your blow dryer is on cool setting instead of hot. Repeat the process after the application of each nail polish coat or design.

  • Dip Nails In Ice Cool Water:

Another very useful tip to dry nail polish faster is ice cool water. When you have done to apply the fine coat of nail polish soak your hands in the bowl filled with ice cool water. Soak for 2 to 3 minutes. Never do try this tip for hot water otherwise your nail polish wont dry faster.

  • Use Sprays:

Sprays for dry the nail polish faster are available in the market. But the trick to use such sprays is never spray so nearly of the nails. Give the gap of 10 to 15 inches between your nails and spray. A thin spray will be fine to dry the nail polish.

  • Put Nails Before Fan:

If you don’t want to try any one of these above tips to dry you nail polish then the very simple way is put your hands in front of air conditioner or fan.  The nail polish will be dry faster.

Hope these above tips will be helpful to apply nail polish more quickly and attractively.

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