5 Tips For Choosing The Right Nail Polish Color

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Nail Polish Color

Decorating nails with unique and beautiful shades is an evergreen fashion. The selection of right nail polish color is bit tricky;there are many factors which have to be kept in mind while selecting a nail polish such as skin tone, shape of your hands, outfit, makeup, fashion trends and occasions etc.

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Red Nails

1. Your Skin Tone:

Skin Tone Nails

The first rule while picking a right nail polish is to choose the color that complements with your skin tone. Usually dark nail colors look best for instance, fairer skin, while reddish shades go well for medium skin tones. You can try any color if you have dark complexion.

2. Your Outfit:

Blue Nials

Your outfit is also a factor which cannot be neglected during the selection of nail polish color. Some nail pros consider that nail polish color should never match your dress, while the others have an opponent opinion. Make sure to choose the nail color that complements with your outfit.

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3. The Latest Trends:

Pink Nails

If you want to choose perfect nail polish color, you must have to pay attention to the latest trends. Blues, pinks, corals, purples and even blacks, all colors have ability to give your nails a gorgeous and modern look.

4. The Occasion:

Nails care

Another tip to choose right nail polish colors is to picking up the nail polish according to the occasion. Neutral colors go well for regular use or business meetings, while dark shades such as like bronze, silver, and gold can be best choice for night functions. Red is an excellent color which you can try for any occasion.

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5. The Season:

 nails design

The season is also an important factor to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right nail polish color. Darker nail polish shades look impressive in the winter. Pretty bright shades enhance your nails beauty in spring. Summer is a best time for hot colors, neutral shades like bronze, gold, red, russet are excellent for autumn.

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