How To Apply Boho Style Makeup

How To Apply Boho Style Makeup

Boho Makeup

The boho style makeup is natural makeup which is very much in style now days.  This makeup style is inspired from the hippie movement in the 1960’s. The makeup is all about looking natural and simple. This makeup is very much in style now days.

Many of us don’t know what boho makeup is. It is the style of makeup which is influenced by the hippie and bohemian style. This makeup style became really famous in 2005. We can see that the women who were seen in hippie movement were seen wearing this makeup.

Boho makeup is all about looking natural and giving a unique look. The colors which are use in boho makeup are natural shades such as beiges, oranges and all the earthy tones. Even the colors such as greens and magenta are really in this makeup.

The boho makeup is always the best to do as it is done and the best thing about it is that it just requires few minutes and your makeup is done. In less time you can look the best and requires less effort.  The best thing about this makeup is that it is makes you look fresh

How to apply this makeup is the best question but it is very easy makeup.


The first step of the makeup is to apply the makeup on face. For boho style face makeup you need a natural shade of foundation. Apply a very light color of. Take a drop of foundation and mix it with a drop of moisturizer and then apply it on the face. Make sure that it is well blended.  You can also apply little bit concelar if needed such as on eyes and lips areas. Apply a little compact powder on the foundation so that it stays longer.  For the boho style makeup the face should look very natural, you should be using that shade of foundation which matches your skin tone.


Eye area is one of the important parts of the makeup.  In the boho style eye makeup you should need to take care of few things such as you should not be using lengthening mascara because it will make you look different. Go for little mascara like brown color mascara.

When you want to apply eye shades, you should be using cream color, browns and all the nudes’ colors and you can also use light golden color eye shade

In the boho style eye makeup you don’t use black color so when you are applying eye liner make sure that you don’t go for black eye liner, in fact you can use brown color eyeliner and apply a thin one. Don’t use black eye pencil inside the eye; it will give you a very sharper look so stay away from it.


The area of check is the most prominent area for boho style makeup. In the boho style makeup your checks should be looking as you are in the sun. Apply that blush on which makes you look natural. Use cream or powder blush on but they should be in peach or brown tones. You can also use bronzers on the checks area or on the nose area to make it look more natural. Another important tip for applying boho makeup is that makes apples on the checks and then applies it on them.


The area which enhances the beauty of the makeup is lip area.  In the boho makeup the formula is same too look natural so the same is with the lips. Your lips should be clean and you can leave them natural. For the boho style makeup just goes for matte lipsticks and make sure you use colors like nudes, corals and beiges which are natural. Don’t apply pinks or red on lips it will look awkward. You can also use a lip balm or a clear gloss to make your lips look natural and fresh.

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