Tips to Beautify your Hair

Tips to Beautify your Hair

Tips to Beautify your Hair, Beautiful HairBeautiful hair can be achieved by simple tips to beautify hair. Only certain things need to be done.

Beautiful hairs are indeed a great blessing. Hair are a major asset to one’s looks and they should be taken really good care of otherwise they lose their look and seem unhealthy and weak.

Here are some effective tips to keep your hair healthy and long for as long as you wish to. These tips have been presented to us by the Indian tradition of Ayurveda, a herbal way to cure hair problems.

  • Healthy Diet:

In order to obtain healthy hair the first and foremost step should be to take good care of your diet. Remember what you eat is how you look so never over look this important aspect. Always eat healthy, try adding green vegetables to your diet. Dairy products such as milk and lots of yoghurt can do wonders to your body. They bring a natural sine to your hair. Try avoiding processed and canned food and have a good appetite for fruits. Juicy fruits should be an essential to your daily diet chart now!

  • Beneficial Herbs:

Besides fixing your diet plan there are certain natural herbs that help in giving a healthy natural shine to your hair without damaging them. These herbs include Eclipta alba and Gotu Kola. Eclipta alba is called “Bhringaraj” it means the king of tresses. These herbs help increase resistance to stress and keep the mind relaxed which proves beneficial for the growth of hair.

  • Stress releasing activities:

Meditation is a great way to relax oneself. It helps in releasing stress which is a great cause of damaging hair. Stress tends to make hair lose their color and turn grey. Try spending time relishing the beauty of nature it would soothen your mind and is an extremely healthy activity. Listening to soft music would be a great help in relaxing the mind.

  • Hair Massage:

Your hair need a nice warm hair massage every now and then. Be sure to oil your hair and your scalp needs to be oiled deeply in order to strengthen the roots of the hair.

  • Brushing Tips:

Always brush your hair when they are dry brushing wet hair is a major cause of hair loss. Try blow drying less to leave that natural shine in your hair and use a wide toothed wooden brush if you can.

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