Holi 2015: Prevention Guide on Protecting your Hair

Holi 2015: Prevention Guide on Protecting your Hair

Holi is right around the corner and Team Fashion Central India is always game for a good party, but holi colors, water, sweat (you get the picture) – not a good combination for your skin, hair, or nails. As beauty on duty, I’ve got to warn the girls and provide them with an easy-to-follow prevention guide on protecting your hair.

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1) Cover Up!

Holi Skin And Hair Care

One of our bloggers, Natasha Patel, uses an old t-shirt to wrap a turban around her hair. She’ll be blogging that soon, but a scarf, dupatta, whatever works! Try incorporating it into your outfit to make it look cute. If you want a tutorial on 3 ways to try a head scarf, check this!

2) Stay Hydrated

women drinking water

I don’t mean the alcohol kind of hydrated. In fact, that would have a counter effect. Start by drinking lots of water now… as you’re reading this. Make it a point to keep yourself hydrated prior to Holi. The results that a well-hydrated body can have on your hair and skin is highly underrated. Moisture from the inside always comes first!

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3) Protective Spray

women hair spray

Spritz a little spray all over your hair and work it in. It will keep your hair safe from damage. (You don’t have to use too much product and get your hair sticky. This won’t help.)

4) Avoid Bad Color

indian holi colors

This might be difficult, but try to stick to parties or events where you know the color and water will be safer to play around with.

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5) Rock Deepika-esque Hair

Deepika holi songs

Yup, right before the festival, treat yourself to a hair spa and blow out. Oiling your hair beforehand is a great way to prevent damage if you want to give yourself a spa at home!

Have a happy Holi, everyone! And don’t forget to give your hair the right protection. We’ve got great skincare prevention tips coming up.


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