How to Get the Perfect Eyebrows for Your Face

How to Get the Perfect Eyebrows for Your Face

Perfect Eyebrows ShapeFirst of all determine the face shape; basically we have six face shapes that are Round Face, Long Face, Oval Face, Diamond Face, Heart face shape. So specific shapes suits on every different shape. 

  • Eye brow shape for round shaped faces

A slightly angled with mid-arch gives younger and groomed look. Let your eyebrow be a bit of brushy from the start. But if the high curve is given to these shapes then the face give more rounder or heart shaped look.

  • Eye brow shape for oval faces

From round to oval shaped faces this will be good if your give some height, because during makeover of these face shapes this is aim to give a bit longer look. So high curve eyebrow will help to do so.

  • Eye brow shape for long faces

During makeover of long faces the point to be remembered is to short down the long look. So for this purpose the experts aim while giving the eye brow shape is straighten the eye brow. They avoid giving high curve to eye brows as this give more longer look.

  • Eye brow shape for Square faces

On Square shaped faces angled eyebrows will enhance their features. But they should be cautious about the length of eye brows. Long length will enhance the features.

Shape Your Eye Brows

  1. Make sure your eyes brows should be give longer look than your eyes, means in length.
  2. Professional look of eye brows are slightly arched with the clean end of your eye brow.
  3. To get the perfect eye brows for your face first of all you need to judge your face shape.
  4. Don’t try to give artificial color dye to eye brows, natural color gives prettier look.
  5. Too much thinner eye brows also gives artificial look. Just neat and give the shape, never over do it.
  6. Buy a kit of eye brow tools, brush upwards your brows then cut them in balanced way. But don’t overdo it.
  7. If this is your first attempt to give shape to eye brows then it would be better to visit expert. Expert will give accurate shape then from the next time you can clean your eyebrows by the following the shape.

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