How to Apply Bold Eye Shadow

How to Apply Bold Eye Shadow

Apply Bold EyeshadowEyes are the most noticeable feature of our face and personality. To make them more attractive and glamorous, eyeshadow application is a moderately easy process.

Although, eyeshadow application will not be a piece of cake for you in the beginning, but with few applications you will definitely reach perfection. Applying bold eye shadow is nowadays very much in fashion trends.

Though, bold eye shadow could not be practically worn in everyday situations, but the depth of its eyeshadow application will beautifully exaggerates the color and shape of your eyes.

Bold eye shadow is highly in demand for formal and evening make ups looks to make your personality charismatic and striking.

When we apply eye shadow boldly, we actually use three colors including a base color, the bold color you want to show off and a lighter eye shadow for blending. Following are some of the steps to apply bold eye shadow to make your eyes look bright and bold as you feel:

  • Before you apply eye shadow, apply a pea-sized dot of foundation to each eyelid and completely cover the eye area up to eye brow using a makeup sponge. Also apply a dot of foundation to under eye area and blend it well to give your eyeshadow application more refined look.
  • Begin your bold eye shadow application by applying a black eyeliner pencil to your upper and lower eyelids. Just draw a straight fine line across the upper lid above the eyelash line, gradually thicker towards the outer corner of the eye. Similarly apply the pencil across the bottom of your lower lash line. To have a bold eye shadow look, lightly smudge the upper eye liner with your finger to give it a smoky appearance.
  • Pick a light silver shade and apply eye shadow with applicator over the entire surface of each eyelid, from the upper lash line to the eyebrows. This eyeshadow application will be your base color while highlighting the area just below your eyebrows.
  • With a brush, gently apply eye shadow of charcoal gray color into the creases of both eyes. To get a bold eye shadow look, apply two to three coats until you achieved your desirable boldness.
  • Use the clean side of brush to apply eye shadow of the light to medium gray color on each eyelid, while blending it into the charcoal gray eye shadow. Continue the strokes of this eyeshadow application until it is naturally blended with the bold eye shadow.
  • Complete your bold eye shadow look by applying at least three coats of volume-busting mascara. To avoid clumps in your eyelashes, give 30 seconds of drying time between each application.

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