How to Look Good in Vintage Dresses

How to Look Good in Vintage Dresses

Vintage DressesEverybody loves a vintage fashion parade because most of us have a renewed craze for style for the roaring twenties.Vintages dresses are typically items that fall within a pretty well specified definition.

To be precise, we can say that clothing pieces from the 1920’s and 1970’s still find a space in today’s fashion. The trend of vintage dresses is becoming more visible in modern times as people love to carry vintage dresses in a modern way.

Let’s see how you can look good in vintage dresses:

  • Choose Pieces That Remind You of Latest Trend

If you want to carry a vintage dress, try wearing it with something of the modern era. A vintage evening gown will look amazing if worn with a pair of heels and a Swarovski clutch bag. You can always carry a vintage evening dress with a modern piece of jewelry. All major designers have buyers who look for vintage pieces in order to print those designs and styles again in clothes and accessories and then those designs become a trend of the current era. If you want to look good in a vintage dress, try to make a list of the current fashion that you like and then wear it accordingly with matching accessories.

  • Choose Outfits That Shape Your Body Perfectly

Everybody has a different body shape. Not everybody is skinny like the models, who can carry every type of vintage dress. So, if you want to look out class in a vintage dress, it’s better to choose the dress that fits your body perfectly. If you are not bottom heavy then try vintage dresses of 60’s that are A-line in cut and after fitting more closely in the bust, flare out. If you have an ideal waist then try a 50’s vintage dress with a nipped waist.

  • Mix Outfits of Different Eras

You won’t look decent and glamorous if you dress vintage from head to toe so, it’s better to mix outfits of different eras while dressing up.  It you wear a vintage dress, wear it with either a scarf of the modern era or wedge heels. You can also pull off the vintage dress if you wear it with bright colored blazers. Neon colors are the colors of the modern era. Even if you wear a vintage styled dress with frills and broaches, you can pull it off really well with neon colored silhouettes or bags.

  • Just Be Yourself When You’re Dressing Up

You can always carry a vintage dress perfectly if you wear it with confidence and be yourself when you are dressing up. Even if you go out for shopping, buy those things that fit with your personality perfectly.

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