7 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

7 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

There’s a very thin line between stylish makeup and over-dramatic, gaudy makeup. Usually it becomes hard to understand the difference.

The makeup you wear has the power to totally transform the way you look, for the better or even for the worst. Often people with an intention to make themselves appear more appealing tend to make huge blunders when it comes to makeup. There’s a very thin line between stylish makeup and over-dramatic, gaudy makeup. Usually it becomes hard to understand the difference. Here’s your guide to learn the lingo. These are 7 common makeup blunders that you must avoid.

1. Overdoing or underdoing

Often women use more makeup than required. The amount of makeup you wear should depend on the occasion. You do not turn up to the movies with friends wearing the same makeup that you would wear for a cocktail party. Similarly, turning up for a grand celebration, wearing hardly any makeup, will look pale. When the occasion is casual, stick to the basics. The remaining cosmetics in your makeup box are meant for grander occasions.

2. Wearing a wrong concealer or foundation

A concealer is meant to hide any patches or spots on your face. Similarly, a foundation is meant to give you a glowing and clear skin tone. A concealer or foundation, which does not match your skin tone, will look like a face pack, ruining your face’s charm. Hence, always use a foundation and concealer that perfectly blends with the color of your skin.

3. Using too many colors

If you color your lips using one shade, your eyelids using another and a mascara of a totally different color, you may end up looking like a peacock. Instead, choose one color that you want to use. Use different shades of that same color on different parts of your face. This will make your makeup appear natural and give you a neat look.

4. Highlighting one particular feature

If you go about dramatizing every feature of yours, it will give you a fake and flashy look. Instead pick one of your best features, say your eyes or lips, and highlight it more than the remaining part of your face. In this way, you will manage to get all the attention towards that feature of yours.

5. Excessively tweezing your eyebrows

Your eyebrows not only shape your eyes, but also your entire face. Hence, it is important to shape them up well. So, when you are tweezing your eyebrows, make sure that you don’t overdo it. If you shape them in the wrong way, it will take forever for it to grow back. So follow your brow line, and you will never go wrong.

6. Using makeup to make lips appear fuller

Many a times, we use a lip liner to draw a particular shape for our lips, and later fill it with lipstick. We think that this will make our lips appear fuller. However, this can make your lips appear as if you have recently had a cosmetic surgery. Instead use lighter colors to make your lips appear fuller. Lip gloss also can work the magic.

7. Not looking after your skin

No amount of makeup can make the difference if you don’t look after your skin. The natural glow of your skin affects your looks more than any kind of makeup. Hence, always take special care of your skin. No matter how tired you are, always make sure that you get rid of every trace of makeup before going to sleep at night.

These are 7 makeup blunders that many of us tend to commit. Many of the times, in spite of knowing about the repercussions, women tend to ignore them. However, you must keep in mind that paying a little more attention towards these mistakes can make you look gorgeous.

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