Dry Shampoo Mistakes You’re Making All The Time & How To Avoid Them

Dry Shampoo Mistakes You’re Making All The Time & How To Avoid Them

Dry shampoo has been a godsend ever since it launched. It cuts the 2nd day grease on our scalp, and saves us on the days we’ve skipped washing our hair thanks to the cold weather. Dry shampoo can also be used to build texture in fine hair and add volume to thin hair. But are you guilty of committing these mistakes which make you avoid dry shampoo all together?

1. You’re using it too close to your head

Do you often spray your dry shampoo only to realise that your hair is now chalky white and you’re looking like Cruella de Ville? You are spraying it too close to your head. Instead, make sure it is a good 4-5 inches away from your head and then spray.

2. Not massaging it into your roots

Dry shampoo needs to be massaged into your roots for it to work. If you spray and let it stay there, it is just going to add to product buildup. Instead, spritz, wait 1-2 minutes, and then massage.

3. Using it daily and avoiding shampoo

et’s be real, we all have our lazy days and love convenience. But, if you cut down shampooing to once a week, and use dry shampoo ever so often, the latter is going to clog your hair follicles and lead to product buildup. The result will be straggly, limp hair. If that is happening to you, pick a clarifying shampoo or use apple cider vinegar diluted in water to remove product buildup.

4. Using it all over your head

Do you flip your head and use dry shampoo like you use hairspray? That’s actually incorrect. Dry shampoo is mainly for your scalp to cut the grease. A couple of spritzes are all you need for your hair on your scalp. 

5. Not letting the product activate

You could be spritzing the dry shampoo and working on your hair the minute it is sprayed. However, you need to wait a few minutes, massage in the product, and then work your hair into a hairstyle. 

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