7 Simple Summer Makeup Tips To Keep Your Makeup in Place

7 Simple Summer Makeup Tips To Keep Your Makeup in Place

While summer season is all about minimal clothing, beach picnics, vacations, it becomes extremely difficult to keep the makeup against smearing, smudging and melting! While a lot of women stop using makeup during the sunny days, we have brought to you some wonderful simple summer makeup tips to survive the weather.

This article would answer some questions that are generally asked in terms of summer makeup, such as:

• Why you should wear less makeup in summer?
• What is the importance of keeping your face hydrated?
• Why you should invest in mini-sized cosmetics?
• What to do to prevent your makeup from melting?

1. Try to wear less makeup

In summer time, our skin does sweat a lot and applying unnecessary makeup can clog the pores. Hence, try to apply makeup only when necessary. It is better to apply a tinted moisturizer and a little concealer (only if required).

2. Don’t forget to moisturize

Just like the body, skin too dehydrate with heat attack. Hence, make sure that you are keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized. Beauty experts advise to use oil-free moisturizers in the summers to prevent acne situation.

3. Sunscreen is a must!

Besides moisturizing the skin, another very important skin care step is applying a good sun protectant. This would safeguard your skin against harmful UV rays. If you want your skin to not lose its firmness and radiance, never leave the home without applying sunscreen.

4. It is better to use waterproof cosmetic products

The only outdoor exercise that we all love to do in the summers is swimming. In order to enjoy water sports without having to worry about your makeup, use only water-resistant products.

5. Buy mini-sized products

Want to pack light for a trip but cannot leave your makeup? Buy mini, travel-friendly versions of your favorite products. You can carry them with utmost ease and apply anytime and anywhere!

6. Invest in a good primer

Summer makeup is incomplete without a good primer as they work to keep your makeup in place for a longer time. While buying a primer, make sure it is light on your skin and provides amazing coverage.

7. Glam up with bronzer

Bronzer uplifts the complete look of your face when applied in the right way. Apply light bronzer on the high points of your face to highlight them. Go for powder bronzer as it is light-weight and easy to apply.

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